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Hello Friends, I now have a journal to accompany my book Inner Beauty. For those that know me, I love to journal and I wanted a journal to go with my book and now it's available to purchase. I am Beautifully and Uniquely designed by God journal is available to order on this link…/beaut…/paperback/product-24262192.html

And my book Inner Beauty is available on AMAZON

Inner Beauty: Goodbye Self-rejection and Hello Self-love beyond the mirror

My story is every woman's story toward self-acceptance and the understanding of true beauty. I knew very well the peer pressures I'd face: dictates from society’s false paradigms that women have to look a certain way, weigh a certain weight or even dress in a false fashion just to fit in. It’s a trap - a façade because outward beauty is fleeting. We possess an inner beauty that is only found through Jesus, the real paradigm of true beauty and perfect love.” Isabel Perez McCoy, Inner Beauty

In Inner Beauty, you will walk through my personal journey of discovering my true identity and inner beauty in Christ. I share my failures, success and disappointments and what I learned about true beauty and what it looks like to God.

My heart's desire is to inspire and challenge women and young and old to accept who they are in God and finding their true identity– to walk in freedom from self-rejection, self-hatred, low self-esteem, shame to accepting and seeing themselves as God sees them.

Blessings Isabel Perez McCoy

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