An Ordinary Day

  • Well aware that the airwaves and internet are filled up with immensely serious topics infinitely more important than dishes, I'm daring to take up some space for just such an ordinary topic as that. After all, the day to day activities of living continue on even as we intercede for and encourage one another in the Lord. Also, while this may not be the most positive topic, it truly is intended to be informational only and not a negative downer. There's my disclaimer. Why I thought I needed to write a disclaimer at all is beyond me; I just did. Maybe it's the snowy weather. I don't know.

    Anyway, an article concerning dangerous levels of lead being present in dishware came my way recently. Being interested in health and enjoying dishware, I read the article with great curiosity. Of course one article led to another and another and...I am amazed at how many dishes contain dangerous amounts of not only lead but also cadmium (a known carcinogen), arsenic, and other dangerous substances. Whoa. People are regularly eating meals on dangerous dishes!  

    Thankfully there are healthier alternatives. Thankfully some of the healthier options are already in my cupboards. What a blessing that is. Another point of thankfulness is that four of the six most healthy dishes to eat from are made in the U.S.A. Yay!!! For anyone who may be curious as to whether or not their dishes contain safe amounts of lead, testing kits are available and seem to be the most recommended way to tell whether or not dishes contain dangerous amounts of substances such as lead. 

    For a more complete explanation, here is a link to one of the most informative articles I read. It explains the dangers and lists healthier options. WARNING: This article is VERY thorough, hear long, but when it's about safety one wants thorough, even if it is long. Now for the link: 

    May God's goodness fill your life with good health, even in the dishes you eat from!