Contacting Support and Site Staff
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To contact support and get the answers to your problem or concern, please send an email to SUPPORT@XAPIT.COM. We don't reply to questions left here on the FAQ page... the comment section here is only to leave general comments about whether or not you find these FAQ's helpful.

Please help us to serve you better and provide as much detail as you can about the situation. An email that says, "Your site don't work" is not helpful! An email that tells us where you are running into the problem, or the wording of error messages are much more helpful and will get the problem solved much quicker for both of us. Other helpful information we need in order to help...

* Are you using a computer, or a mobile (such as a phone or tablet)?

* If you are using a computer, what operating system is it (Windows or Mac)?

* If you are attempting to login using an internet web browser, which one are you using?

* If you are using a mobile app (phone or tablet), is it iOS (Apple) or Android?

Please allow at least one full business day for a reply. We do try to get them answered faster, but sometimes we get a large number of inquiries all at once, so please be patient with us... we will get back to you as quickly as we can. We answer all inquiries in the order we receive them.

Our Support staff work hours are - 6am to 6pm, USA Pacific Time, Monday through Friday. Our email support team does not work weekends, but occasionally you MAY receive a response on Saturday or Sunday. That's because the bosses go through the support tickets once in a while, and you might just hear back from one of them on the weekends. Dedicated bunch, they are.