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How do I stop people I don't know from asking to be friends?

We do have many security features in place that prevent a great many fake profiles, like the ones you mention. However, some still get through, so we are constantly looking for those so we can get rid of them. One way that helps immensely is to have our users report these fake profiles to us.

A new feature recently launched on XAPiT (web-based only… this feature does not work on the mobile apps at this time) is the ability for any member to “Mark as Spam” anyone who asks to be friends that you do not know or feel safe with. You can select to decline the friend request, then click the “Mark as Spam” button that appears after you decline them. This tags that member’s account negatively, and if enough people use this feature, that member will be banned from the XAPiT site for at least 24 hours, and possibly up to a lifetime ban. In addition, using this feature will block that person from being able to ask you to be friends again.

All members can also block any other member from their account, unless the member has made their profile “private”, in which case only their friends can view their posts and personal info. Here is the link with instructions on how to block someone: https://xapit.com/faq/view/16/10/13/0/how-to-block-another-member. Using this option does not prevent the blocked person from asking you again to be friends. It only blocks them from being able to see your profile information and posts.
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