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Collin McNinch
  • Isabel McCoy I am still having issues with app and can’t add photos
    Oct 14

  • Michael McMaster iOS app doesn't work for me since latest update to 13.1.2
    Oct 8

  • STEVE SHULTZ On a Cruise with Derene
    Feb 25

  • David Carmichael Bland GOD'S TRUE GOSPEL ABOUT TO BE BROUGHT FORTH 2019_0912_03:13:26 DB 1175: "I showed you that dream to illustrate that there will be those that come* and those that go to that place that I have awaiting for them to spend eternity with Me [Mat 24:40-42]; ...for I am making plain My ways and My desires for those whom I have chosen to be My mouthpieces, for I shall place within them the true Gospel that I am bringing forth for all to understand and to emulate; so be not surprised or concerned when I bring forth those things that are significantly different than that which you have been taught or heard from the various teachers and preachers, for I shall bring forth truth for all to understand and to enjoy; for I am your Lord God and King, even Jesus Christ, your Lord God and King and teacher of all things spiritual and natural – Amen and Amen." [Rcvd Date/Time shown by KingDavid4God'sHeart (KD4GH)] * "there will be those that come..." refers to those human individuals whom the Lord will cause to return to Earth (i.e., resurrected) for eternity or temporarily for specific assignments. {Based on additional prophecy thru self and well known prophetic voices.}
    Oct 15

  • gina k I had hundreds of dragonflies swarming in my back. It was beautiful. GOD has hundreds of surprises to make us smile daily.
    Sep 11

  • Steve Brown With Amanda Lindsey Cook at Supernatural Life conference, Harrisburg. She was amazing and literally brought the best worship ever to start the weeks conference.
    Sep 25

  • Ahava Hadassah W Have a blessed Yom Kippur. May we fast with our Jewish family. May we pray that ad they seek Him with their hearts He will remove the veil He placed there so they will come to know their Messiah Yeshua.
    Oct 8

  • Dorothy Crothers HENRY GRUVER WENT HOME TO BE WITH JESUS LAST NIGHT ,HEAVENS GAIN EARTH'S LOSS My spirit soars.. HENRY is HOME! Hallelujah! Let the Heavens rejoice.. the prophetic words are coming to pass.. all hell will break loose now.. Henry did pass the anointing, the mantle is now ours.. GOD be with us all.. DIANA P.......ALL OF THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN BLESSED BY HENRYS MINISTRY -PLEASE EMAIL THEM TO ME AS I WILL BE POSTING A TRIBUTE PAGE TO HIM OVER THE NEXT SEVERAL WEEKS -SQ Isaiah 57:1-2 King James Version (KJV) 57 The righteous perisheth, and no man layeth it to heart: and merciful men are taken away, none considering that the righteous is taken away from the evil to come. 2 He shall enter into peace: they shall rest in their beds, each one walking in his uprightness. Oct 10, 2019
    Oct 10

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