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  • michael carroll November 3, 2019 Give Him 15 - Appeal to Heaven Koinonia – Defined By Dutch Sheets Koinonia is a word some Christians use in place of saying “community” or “fellowship”. I want to start to introduce it more fully to you over the next few days. I want us to look at it as it’s used in scripture and maybe take it from a religious term to something more life-giving. One meaning of this word is “to communicate”. We get our English words communicate, communicative, and communication from it. It can also be translated “community”, “communion” (as in “together with one another”), or “social”. This is an important word to God. In using it, God wanted us to know He wants to hang out with us and communicate with us. I’m amazed that God really wants to hang out with us. I’m amazed that when we worship Him, He cannot resist coming and hovering in the room. You can sense His presence and you know He’s in the room. This is not because He’s an arrogant or egotistical God who just loves to have somebody tell Him how great He is. It’s not because He’s insecure and needs to hear us worship so He feels good about Himself. No. He is such a God of “koinonia”, relationship, that He cannot resist the communing aspect of meeting with us. You can be in a worship service where there is singing, and if it’s rote or not heartfelt, there’s no presence of God that shows up. He’s not into hearing how great He is in just words. But when it’s heartfelt, and you can sense that it is true worship, adoration, communing, you cannot be there without God coming with His presence. He wants to relate. “Through his glory and integrity he has given us his promises that are of the highest value. Through these promises you will share in the divine nature because you have escaped the corruption that sinful desires cause in the world.” (2 Peter 1:4; GWT) Give Him 15 minutes in prayer: Tell the Lord how much you want to understand the fullness of “koinonia”, so you can commune with Him and with the body of Christ in a deeper and more fulfilling way. Repent for the times You have felt too busy to devote time to communing with Him. Maybe you didn’t even have a reason not to. He misses you. Put worship music on and worship Him in a way that facilitates you experiencing His presence best. Intercede for the Church to change the way they do things in order to set an atmosphere where He can come and commune with His people. A prayer you can pray: Lord, “koinonia” is a familiar word, but I haven’t realized what a deep word it is. Just like other Greek and Hebrew words, there is so much more to it than just the common term of “fellowship of the Believers”. I have thought of it as associated with home groups and potlucks and getting to know other Christians in a social setting. I really haven’t thought of this word as describing a deep, intimate relationship with You. I want to understand this word. I am intrigued by it now. Let the revelation of it change me and change the relationship You and I have. Forgive me for the times I have ignored You. I don’t know why I do that. Sometimes I feel busy, but sometimes I think I just don’t understand how important intimate relationship with Your people is to You. It’s hard to believe You really want to come and hang out with us. I do know You inhabit the praises of Your people. When I worship You, I sense You near. I long to have that be a consistent experience. I know You want this more than I do. So, teach me, Lord. Draw me to You. Make me long for Your presence as much as You long for mine. Let the whole Church want You like that. People, filled with You, who know You, not just about You, will be very attractive to the unsaved. Come, Lord Jesus, come to me. Amen. Today’s decree: God loves to hang out with His kids
    Nov 3

  • David Carmichael Bland GOD'S TRUE GOSPEL ABOUT TO BE BROUGHT FORTH 2019_0912_03:13:26 DB 1175: "I showed you that dream to illustrate that there will be those that come* and those that go to that place that I have awaiting for them to spend eternity with Me [Mat 24:40-42]; ...for I am making plain My ways and My desires for those whom I have chosen to be My mouthpieces, for I shall place within them the true Gospel that I am bringing forth for all to understand and to emulate; so be not surprised or concerned when I bring forth those things that are significantly different than that which you have been taught or heard from the various teachers and preachers, for I shall bring forth truth for all to understand and to enjoy; for I am your Lord God and King, even Jesus Christ, your Lord God and King and teacher of all things spiritual and natural – Amen and Amen." [Rcvd Date/Time shown by KingDavid4God'sHeart (KD4GH)] * "there will be those that come..." refers to those human individuals whom the Lord will cause to return to Earth (i.e., resurrected) for eternity or temporarily for specific assignments. {Based on additional prophecy thru self and well known prophetic voices.}
    Oct 15

  • Collin McNinch Test this is a test blah
    Aug 6

  • Margene Wiese-Baier Abba Father gave you Gifts and Talents, so use them. Margene Wiese-Baier
    2 hours ago

  • Vicky Brewer
    Sep 26

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