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The world is a book. Those who do not connect with others miss many pages.

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Miriam Remington
David Carmichael Bland
  • David Carmichael Bland WARNING TO "LUKE-WARM" CHRISTIANS 2017_1101_0502: Lord, why did I just see in vision that young lady who was grimacing in pain or in anguish for some reason? "I showed you that vision to illustrate that I shall not take additional Spirit-time to heal those who do not express praise to Me, for the time has come for all to turn their hearts unto Me to be saved; for this is My office unto them: to provide a means of escape from this world which is fast becoming chaotic; so be ready to go forth to witness to those whom I send you on their behalf to come closer to Me for their salvation and restoration..." [Rcvd Date/Time shown by KingDavid4God'sHeart (KD4GH)]
    Thu at 9:32 PM

  • Stephen Blakemore Hello! Greetings in the name of Jesus. My brothers and sisters God Bless you ALL. My prayer: That you may enter in to a great fellowship with the Father and your Faith grows by leaps and bounds.
    Fri at 10:05 AM

  • Sheryl Robertson This new social media platform is a Godsend!
    Jul 31

  • Theo Mix glad to be here
    Aug 2

  • Kim Moore Tonight, I share 2 REASONS why we're not hearing much about marriage nationally in the Body of Christ and what God is doing about it! Learn and pray with us! Marriage Reform Prayer Call 9 pm EST Dial 605.475.4753 Enter Access Code 341000# #faceit #kingdomminded #marriagereform #rebuildingthewalls #closingtheborders
    Aug 7

  • lucas jones Thank you for the invitation. It was inevitable given the censorship and propaganda that permeates our cyber world, that alternatives have been developed. Thank you, and may the God of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ multiply and prosper this wonderful new journey. God bless you BCN.
    Mon at 6:57 PM

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