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  • Cameron King I wrote this prayer for revival and national awakening based on 2 Chronicles 7:12-14. Would you pray this prayer with me and share it with your friends? We need revival and awakening! Father, I accept our calling on behalf of Your people. As we go, so goes our nation. We’re the salt of the earth, and we’re the preservative of our civilization (Matthew 5:13). If we are wicked and unrepentant, then our nation will be destroyed. We’ll be swallowed by our own land. As You revive us, You’ll also revive our nation. So right now, we humble ourselves before You. We declare our need for You and our utter wickedness. We need You. We ask You to come and heal our nation. Wickedness is spreading unchecked because we have failed You. Help us to turn the tide, but we need Your help to do it. The land is reeling because of perversion. Wickedness is everywhere. So, touch culture from the top down. Transform our government and institutions. Revive Your church. Build Your church; spread Your church; make us holy. Give us godly influence in every sphere of society. Empower us to bring the holiness and justice of Your kingdom to our nation. Cause us to be the agent of awakening throughout our nation. We love You. You are the deep longing of our heart. Show us who You are. Reveal Your character and holiness to our hearts. Open our eyes to Your presence. We must know You: personally, powerfully and experientially. Father, I cry out that we will never be cut off from Your presence and power. We long to see You. Increase our capacity to love You. Give us revelation knowledge of who You are (Ephesians 1:17). We long for Your coming. Show us Your face. Father, we repent. We turn from our compromise and lukewarmness. We reject our coziness in the world. We repudiate our dumbed down sexual ethics. Help us, we look like the world. Right now we commit to holiness, sanctification, transformation and discipleship. We reject the ways of this world and we take on the purity of heaven in spirit, soul and body. Revive us in the name of Jesus, the One that overcame the world (John 16:33). #prayerlife #seekingjesus #desperatelyseekingjesus #seekinggodfirst #seekinggod #seekinggoddaily #devotionaltime
    August 2, 2019

  • Debbie Veilleux Picking Scabs “You must not have any other god but me.” Exodus 20:3NLT What is the ‘prophetic bent?’ This, according to my understanding, is seeing most everything black (evil) or white (good), no grays (compromising). Hence, with today’s quarantines, job loses, upheavals— I don’t see time for fun and games, vacation at home. This is time to set our houses—lives— in order with God. For me, I’m in self-examination mode. Prayerfully, I’m going over my life; repenting where I feel I’m in error; tearing down whatever little god I find in my heart. Holy Spirit revealed the god of pain— self-pity. Ugly thing. Let me explain: As a young child, I had the most disgusting habit. After falling and scraping a knee, or scratching a mosquito bite, I wouldn’t leave it alone. Instead, I could be found picking scabs. When it bled again, I’d go to Mom for consolation and a bandage, usually a corner of Kleenex or toilet paper. At least, I had her attention. Talking to a new found friend, she began to disclose deep pain and grief over a relational situation with a family member. Wow. Could I ever relate to her. My sister and I had an exact same relational difficulty. She died without our ever having closure. This new friend opened up the remembering, the heartache, the unfairness, the judgement. Alone, I begin to suffer the pain again. Two other situations of pain, heartache, unfairness and judgment raised their ugly voices in chorus. Debbie had been wronged, suffered— boo hoo. There I sat picking scabs all over again. What good would this abominable activity do in my life? Try—no good. God’s love is so patient with us. ‘Lord forgive me for picking the scab off of this pain to grieve over it again.’ Holy Spirit directs me to, Psalm 118:27-28TPT “For the Lord our God has brought us His glory-light. I offer Him my life in joyous sacrifice. Tied tightly to Your altar I will bring You praise. For You are the God of my life and I lift You high, exalting You to the highest place.” Life isn’t about what was. Rather life is about what you’ve done with the good stamina built by what was in our lives. We aren’t to pick scabs. Tying ourselves to the altar is allowing Holy Spirit to cleanse the putrefaction out— those false gods— to heal the sore places. Everything is removed but the scar. Scars then become beauty marks. Hebrews 12:1 “Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a huge crowd of witnesses to the life of faith, let us strip off every weight that slows us down, especially the sin that so easily trips us up…” Do you have a marriage gone sour? Betrayal? False judgments with condemnation? Sore places in your heart, which you keep hidden away from the sonlight? Have you ever exposed the god of pain and tied yourself to the altar “in joyous sacrifice?” Almighty God wants us to have no other gods but Him. Will you cast down the little god now to be burned up with His love and compassion on you? It’s your choice. You choose. PRAYER: Sovereign God forgive us for having anything more important than You in our lives. Keep us real and hungry for You I pray, in Jesus’ name. by Debbie Veilleux Copyright 2020 You have my permission to repost or share this devotional for others. Please keep my name with this devotional as author. Thank you.
    Mar 24

  • William Beagle Lord: we need YOU. Guide us. Draw us closer to you in the very trying times we are in now. This is a great time for the CHURCH to be Tha CHURCH and not defined with walls. BUT defined with the LOVE, HOPE, and Courage of CHRIST! Remind us in these times that no problem si TOO big for YOU. Show us YOUR Mercy and fill us with YOUR Peace and the HOLY SPIRIT! Grant that we may be very Courageous in these times of worldly uncertainty. For we ask this in the Mighty Name of JESUS CHRIST the SON of The LIVING GOD!
    Mar 27

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