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  • David Carmichael Bland GOD'S TRUE GOSPEL ABOUT TO BE BROUGHT FORTH 2019_0912_03:13:26 DB 1175: "I showed you that dream to illustrate that there will be those that come* and those that go to that place that I have awaiting for them to spend eternity with Me [Mat 24:40-42]; ...for I am making plain My ways and My desires for those whom I have chosen to be My mouthpieces, for I shall place within them the true Gospel that I am bringing forth for all to understand and to emulate; so be not surprised or concerned when I bring forth those things that are significantly different than that which you have been taught or heard from the various teachers and preachers, for I shall bring forth truth for all to understand and to enjoy; for I am your Lord God and King, even Jesus Christ, your Lord God and King and teacher of all things spiritual and natural – Amen and Amen." [Rcvd Date/Time shown by KingDavid4God'sHeart (KD4GH)] * "there will be those that come..." refers to those human individuals whom the Lord will cause to return to Earth (i.e., resurrected) for eternity or temporarily for specific assignments. {Based on additional prophecy thru self and well known prophetic voices.}
    Oct 15

  • Melissa  Pearce God is removing the shackles that have caused you to be bound to false images about Him. This is the season of moving into greater revelations of Him. #EHM #ChildBrideWarrior #Freedom
    Oct 4

  • Elaine Tavolacci Greetings friends! Prayers for Lance Wallanau please. He is going in for gall bladder surgery in a few minutes. Nothing serious... He is just asking for prayer on Annabelle's FB page. Thank you
    Jun 27

  • Alan Coleman John 14: 12 NASB Truly, truly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do, he will do also; and greater works than these he will do; because I go to the Father. This is a famous verse which most people quote the last line. But seriously folks, let’s look at just the beginning and middle section. It states IF you believe in Jesus; you WILL do the SAME WORK he has done. So for us believers, what are some of the works that Jesus did? 1) He had crowds follow him and up to 120 committed followers (Pentecost was 120) 2) He out witted or cancelled the person trying to trick him in questions/ speech. 3) He fore knew things before they happened and knew peoples thoughts around him. 4) He clearly heard God/His Father’s voice. 5) He stayed calm in all sorts of storms – natural, crowds, and people yelling at him. 6) He had prominent people seek him out. 7) He healed people without touching them or near him – centurion’s servant. 8) He provided for over 120 people daily – meals and sleeping arrangements. 9) Appears he never tired, always had time for prayer/communication with the Father. 10) He healed the blind, opened deaf ears, cleansed lepers, and cast demons out all during a walk to the city. Did not mind the interruption to do good works for the Father. 11) Extremely fast traveler – after causing storm to be gone scripture states then immediately they were on other side of lake. So I ask you, how many of these works are you doing? I think it is time for us to get back to the basics and just believe, rely upon, and truly trust in Jesus and God. If it states it in the Bible then we should be seeing it. We have fallen for more of man’s philosophy than the truths of Bible. Just read John 14 and Colossians 1. This is the Gospel we should be representing and living. Christ is in you, it’s that simple. Just believe….
    Nov 7

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