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  • Aimee Herd This gorgeous deer likes to hang on our property and ive named him ‘Bucky Dent’. Hes a bit camera shy but has a black nose and looks very majestic. I put some apples out, hope he finds them.
    December 4, 2019

  • David Carmichael Bland - WHAT WAS, WILL BE..... (Applicable to many many who are about to breakthrough) - 2014_0421_0???: Recalled an earlier dream of this date, in which I looked out of a restaurant window into the street where I saw an old railroad steam locomotive passing-by. Surprised, I arose and saw that the locomotive was sitting on a flatbed car that was part of a train en-route to some unknown destination. Later, at... 2014_0421_2209: So Lord, why did you show me that old steam locomotive being carried on a flatbed car of that train? "I showed you that, so that you would realize that I am bringing forth the old through the vessels of the new; for I shall see to it that you and those whom I have chosen to be with you forever will be vessels carrying the old into the new Kingdom on Earth; for I have chosen you and them to be carriers of My glory and honor into the Kingdom on Earth. So be prepared to be who I have called you to be as I prepare you to be that which I have called you to be since before the foundation of the world; for I will cause you, and those whom I have chosen to be with you, to be My witnesses of that which I intended to do while I was on the Earth; so be not concerned, for I shall show you all that is necessary to understand and comprehend all that I am bringing forth in this era; for this is My will for you and those whom I have chosen to be with you forever: to show forth My ways to a world who has long forgotten and rejected My ways of doing things on Earth. And, know also that I shall cause you and those whom I have chosen to be with you forever to be highly proficient and effective in speaking forth the mysteries that I am bringing through you and them, for I shall show the world My ways through you and those whom I have chosen to be with you forever; for this is My will and My plan for you and them: to be My very special witnesses in bringing forth that which was lost following My death upon the Cross, for I shall have My way in My Kingdom on Earth, for I am looking forward to you and those whom I have chosen to be with you forever to be that which I have planned and desired for you to be for My glory and My honor, for I am your Lord God and King, even Jesus Christ, Amen." CONFIRMATION: "The world is in a pattern; for it is shifting into a new time and a new season. For behold, the things of old will once again take form and shape. For it is time for the men of renown--I have created you thus for this time period. Your swords and battle axes are sharpened for this time period. The battle rages and now you are in the forefront. You will be given spiritual insight for the time period that you are now living in...." 2019-1206, Stephen Hanson,
    December 9, 2019

  • DrTheresa Phillips Happy New Year
    December 30, 2019

  • Dorothy Evans Hi Xapit friends, It has been a very busy week. Working 6 days at Samaritan's Purse as a Volunteer Guide. It is an awesome opportunity to share the love of Jesus with hundreds of people each day as they come to help process shoe box gifts for children around the world. It is a unique opportunity to reach millions of children and their families with the Gospel. Tonight I'm trying to get my Christmas tree up, finishing some sewing and getting things ready for next week at work. Hope everyone has had a great weekend and a beautiful Sunday with the Lord. Many blessings, Dorothy
    December 8, 2019

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