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=================== "FROM FAMINE TO FLOW" JOSHUA FOWLER, DALLAS, TEXAS I heard the Lord say, "I’m moving My people from famine to flow in 2021. I see an explosion in 2021, where things that have been held back will explode for the right... See More
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  • Cathy Robnett
    Cathy Robnett   ·  Jan 13
    Yes and amen
  • Simone Petersen
    Simone Petersen   ·  Jan 9
    Yes Amen
  • Vivian Lott
    Vivian Lott   ·  Jan 9
    AMEN AMEN and AMEN!!!!!
  • Lonzine Lee
    Lonzine Lee   ·  Jan 8
    Thank You, Jesus. I embrace this word.

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