Repent for the KINGDOM of Heaven is near

  • I would like to share with you what God showed me in my quiet moment with Him this afternoon.He gave me Matthew 3:2.And to me this is just incredible because it speaks so to the times we are in. In

    Matthew 3:2 John the baptist says Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand (ESV).To me this is an amazing message, and yet also an important one.We need to repent and turn away from our evil ways.For to long we have been comfortable and satisfied with the feel good gospel that the world and the chuch is proclaiming.But now, more than ever it is time to get away from that feel good gospel, and start to repent and begin to give our lives back to Christ.Believe me, I know, there is no greater feeling than giving your life to Christ and getting washed clean with His Blood, your past washed away completly.We all think that there is alot of time left, but there is not.There is no time to sit on the sideline and just watch, you are either for Christ or against Him.This is the end time revival that is going to take place, and the end is near.We all need to get ready and repent, for the Kingdom of heaven is at hand.Those words spoken thousands of years ago by John, is now the words that God is speaking to us through His word.

    God is telling us to repent, while there is still time.We have to turn from the ways we are on right now.Maybe you say, I go to church on Sundays and listen to the pastor preach.But what do you do through the rest of the week?.There is a time coming where we can't run after fear, we can't keep living the way we do.It is time to repent, time to stand up for the body of Christ, time to start doing deliverance.There is a revival going to start, and you can either be all in or all out.The choice is yours, heaven or hell.

    Wake up church, don't be blinded by the spirit of religion.Don't fall for that feel good gospel, that everything is okay, we don't need repentance, we can't speak on the Holy Spirit,we can't do deliverance, No, that is a lie of the enemy that sneaked in, and is trying to make the church powerless.Don't let it, stand up church and start to repent.

    Maybe you are saying " I already have so many sins in the past, Jesus won't except me, I am going to go on the way I live cause there is no point in repenting" Do not listen to that, or use it as an excuse, it is not true.Believe me, I also thought the same, until God opened my eyes.It is an evil spirit, wisphering in your ears, cause the devil aint want ya'll be saved and set Free by Jesus.

    But do not listen to that spirit, because there is Nothing, NOTHING that you have done, that is to big or to bad for the blood of Jesus, if you are really sorry, then repent and give your life to Him, His burden is light.And He Loves you more than you can ever Imagine.