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    Jesus Is Light Of The World

    Please "Like" & "Follow" our pages to engage with God's Love & Words...
    led by Esther Wong

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    Avant-garde randomness
    If you're ready for this Jelly,
    If you're not ready for this Jelly,
    If you like Jelly,
    Jellyfish is here to write random comments, float around, and be easy breezy
    led by Collin McNinch

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    Drag Racers

    All aspects of Drag Racing!
    led by James Waits

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    Life with Less Stress

    We teach people how to align with God in managing stress.
    led by terra sorg

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    Believers AwaQening

    A group for believers in God who want to understand what is happening in our nation and around the world concerning Q and this spiritual battle that we are in.
    In this group we will keep the main thing, the main thing! Any posts that are anti God, anti...  more
    led by Becca Whetstone

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    Homeschool Mommas of Texas

    A place to pray together, encourage one another and seek advice!
    led by Kelly  Campbell

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    How old is the earth?

    A lot of Christians believe that the earth is about 6000 to 7000 years old. But in Genesis 1, the sun, moon and stars were not created until the 4th day. And the first day, the earth was without form.

    We get our understanding of time, 60 seconds equals...  more
    led by Mike Ward

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    Country Living

    All things about country living from raising a garden, canning, livestock, homesteading, and beyond. You don't have to live in the country to join but a passion for those things would make your experience here more fun. We also welcome Christian...  more
    led by Leisa Price

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    Prophetic Artists & Artisans

    This is a group for God’s creative artists and artisans to meet each other and display their artwork, talk about challenges in their field and just enjoy fellowship.

    You may also display new art or handmade items you have created.
    led by Debbie Marino

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    Father's Heart

    Father's Heart is a group where Believers are equipped with the Truth to Overcome.
    led by Janine Frost