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    Love, Mercy and Compassion

    Welcome to Love, Mercy and Compassion.

    Love, Mercy and Compassion is a group that is dedicated to sharing the Word of God and Intercessory prayer. ...  more
    led by Adrian Freed

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    The Grace of God Bible Study

    This is a group page for a Bible Study on the Grace of God. If you have questions on the Grace of God (& any other questions) I'll do my best to teach you
    led by Mrs. Lynne DelHomme Crisp

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    For Single People, Single+Passion Ministries

    Single+Passion Ministries is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization and faith-based community serving the singles community in Southern California since 2009. GOD IS PASSIONATE ABOUT SINGLE PEOPLE! Single+Passion hosts monthly singles events, relationship...  more
    led by Laurie Jepsen

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    The Instructions of Jesus Christ

    Question: Are you a believer? A follower? A disciple of the Christ? It is not as simple as we have been taught, via most churches and spiritual organizations. That is, When was the last time you heard a sermon or a class on what our individual...  more
    led by A.W. Bowman

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    Christian Apologetics

    Posts related to Bible, Science, Evolution, Creationism, Christian Defense
    led by Dr. Johnson C. Philip

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    PTH Steel Structure Warehouses is a Leader in the Steel Structure Warehouses and Modular House Factory
    led by house pthprefab

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    agape prayer team

    a group for us to pray for one another and our nation
    led by Susan Latter

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    Pray for Government Leaders.

    (Pastor Johnny Taylor) : "President Trump was standing outside in the dark and a big spotlight was shining on him like he had broken out of prison. He was being fired at and was taking all the shots and being hit by bullets being fired from the dark from...  more
    led by Dennis Tate

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    GEXIT - The gay EXODUS

    EXGAY Community PROCLAIMING FREEDOM to All LGBTQ identifying persons ENSNARED by the LIES of their sexual disposition; and that ALL CAN FIND TRUE LIBERTY & FREEDOM through FAITH in CHRIST JESUS by TRUE REPENTANCE...
    led by Keith Saint James