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    Housewives for Trump

    American women who love God and freedom
    led by Liza Morrow

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    The Patriots Party

    To All The Patriots Party Members:

    I am So Happy and Excited to have All of You in This Group. This is Not My Group This Is Our Group. The Patriots. Where Our Voices Can be Heard. Where we can hear Truths not Lies. Where We can share our Hopes and...  more
    led by Winter Finch

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    America's Black Robe Regiment

    Association of pastors who seek to emulate the bold and courageous 18th Century ministers who had preached the political ideology in the Founding Charters 100 years before Thomas Jefferson put quill to parchment in the Great Declaration.
    led by William Cook

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    Anti Democrat Party
    led by rinsel mcintosh

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    Donald Trump - The People's President

    Here to show support for Conservative values, and President Donald Trump! Trump 2020 KAG
    led by Christina Daub

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    The Free and United Majority

    A platform group for those who love freedom!!!
    led by Maria Harjo

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    Georgia SFA Chapter 59

    This is a group of current or former Special Forces service members and their families. The group is primarily composed of those living in Georgia, but also others who have served our Nation.
    led by Mayo Hadden

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    We are the Free in Freedom!

    There is a saying that "Freedom isn't free." We do have to fight for it, and it can come at a great cost. We are more powerful when we find common ground and fight as one. We may not always agree but we will always be there to fight for what's right. We...  more
    led by Nikk Arulfo

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    People of Illinois Vs. J.B. Pritzker

    A group determined and committed to gaining back the freedoms stolen from us by a tyrannical Governor. We seek legal solutions in the form of lawsuits- both independent and class action. We choose NOT to sit back allow our freedoms and our constitution...  more
    led by Kelli Leavens

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    Qanon Patriots

    Follow Q and share intel. A place to share the truth and theories. Try to share reliable info as much as possible.
    led by Eric Gabay

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    Patriot Nation

    We love TRUMP! This is a place for conservatives to share information and strategize. We are the Right flank.
    led by Chris Lord

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    Pray for Government Leaders.

    (Pastor Johnny Taylor) : "President Trump was standing outside in the dark and a big spotlight was shining on him like he had broken out of prison. He was being fired at and was taking all the shots and being hit by bullets being fired from the dark from...  more
    led by Dennis Tate