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    JENNINGS FAMILY, Photos and History

    A collection of pictures, stories and/or history, family tree/roots of the family of Frederick Wesley Jennings
    Starting with the idea of ancestry history and old photos. But an open invite to family members to add and build albums on this Family Group...  more
    led by Alice J Sawtelle 

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    Homeschool Blessings Books & More

    My personal sale group to offer you great deals on children's books, homeschool materials and more.
    led by Patricia Shackelford

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    Lavista Gardens 678-395-1184

    From plan to project to done
    led by Brandon Bowman

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    Landscape design and care

    this is a group of landscape professionals that can send advise to diy gardeners, find the best deals on supplies, seasonal alerts on when to plant flowers, shrubs, trees, and vegetables. Also have a unique style of self sustainable landscapes and edible scapes.
    led by Brandon Bowman

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    lovers dome

    meet your right partner
    led by joy susan

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    Tonopah Valley community

    Communicate with community, sell your treasures, socialize with neighbors, there will be no disrespectful actions towards anyone tolerated, thank you for coming!
    led by Billie Duvall

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    Vintage For Sale

    All things vintage for sale. No post of links, post photos and details with listing. Must include price on all items.
    led by Rhonda Vega Emanuel

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    I ❤️ Christmas

    Do you love all things Christmas? This group is for anything Christmas themed. We will have holiday swaps, recipe contests, decor contests and lots of fun!
    led by Rhonda Vega Emanuel