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    iowa Christian's

    Just a Christian from Iowa that loves Jesus and wants to find Christian friends from Iowa A place where we can make friends meet people we belong with and a place where it's welcome to talk about the Lord
    led by brad vance

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    Strong's Bag Corner and More

    I am excited to be able to share with you our products at Thirty-One and help you to get organized or carry in style.

    We have something for everyone rather it be your personal collection, sporting events, home, office or a...  more
    led by Lisa Strong

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    Kids, grandkids
    led by Diane Prickett

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    Frd&Fam of TGR & CPR

    Friends and Family group of Tom Roseland and Patrice Vanfleet Roseland. This is a private group.
    led by Patrice Roseland

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    I Declare You Pregnant

    A group for people facing infertility. This is a place for support and prayers for those asking God to bless them with a child.
    led by Jully Provenzano

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    Gardening Lovers

    A place to share our love of gardening, tips, tricks and photos. Only rule in this group- be as kind as possible ♡ Let's learn from each other! :)
    led by Cindy Bernard

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    The Reality of Mom Life

    Mom life is hard. And sometimes you need a safe place to be seen. Here we are! Come and join in this place where you can vent or laugh or cry or seek advice or prayer or whatever you might need. We will try to keep the group as supportive as possible,...  more
    led by Angi Baumel

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    JENNINGS FAMILY, Photos and History

    A collection of pictures, stories and/or history, family tree/roots of the family of Frederick Wesley Jennings
    Starting with the idea of ancestry history and old photos. But an open invite to family members to add and build albums on this Family Group...  more
    led by Alice J Sawtelle 

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    Homeschool Blessings Books & More

    My personal sale group to offer you great deals on children's books, homeschool materials and more.
    led by Patricia Shackelford

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    Lavista Gardens 678-395-1184

    From plan to project to done
    led by Brandon Bowman

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    Landscape design and care

    this is a group of landscape professionals that can send advise to diy gardeners, find the best deals on supplies, seasonal alerts on when to plant flowers, shrubs, trees, and vegetables. Also have a unique style of self sustainable landscapes and edible scapes.
    led by Brandon Bowman

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    lovers dome

    meet your right partner
    led by joy susan