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    Your Skin Your Look VIP W/Yvonne

    Beauty, Skincare & Glamour
    led by Yvonne Murphy

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    Jumpstart your journey to becoming

    Health and wellness weight loss
    led by Gloria Lier Dahme 

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    The Oil Room with Nancy Park

    DōTERRA Essential Oils
    led by Nancy Park

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    Pun and jokes

    A place where you can share your Puns and clean jokes, funny life stories, and read other people's . This site is for the release of joy through humor. A merry heart does good like medicine.
    I apologize in advance to anyone who wants to join this group...  more
    led by Linda Garmon

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    Prayer Warriors

    Christians who want to pray for or intercede for others/nations etc.
    You can post a prayer request and it will go only to the folks in our prayer group.
    led by Ronnie Hughes

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    Buy local health and wellness produce and products

    Support local growers of microgreens, hydroponic produce and anything health and wellness related.
    This group is for all urban farms, farmers and growers to share information about vegetables, farms products, organics, hydroponics, benefits of...  more
    led by Collin Bliss

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    Farming practices that heal and never harm the land
    led by Chelle Lewis

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    Approaching the gray

    Lifestyle group centered around getting older wiser and just life in general. All welcome no matter your beliefs or creeds . Encouragement to speak on any and all topics yet be nice.
    led by Matthew Clary

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    DNA Drops for a Healthier Lifestyle

    DNA Drops for a Healthy Alternatives to Healthier body. 100 % Absorption, No pills nor powders that make you gag or winces as you take them, just Delicious as hard candies without artificial sweeteners.

    Educating people on making better choices on...  more
    led by John Campanelli

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    Fermentation Friends

    Everything Fermented! Share your creations. What you like and what you don't.
    Pictures Pictures Pictures Please :) What's brewing in your house right now?
    Sour dough?
    Water Kefir? Dairy Kefir? ...  more
    led by Dawna DeMar

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    How to Go From Broken to Blest

    Are you struggling??? If so, this group may be for you. This group is designed to help people with any of the following: Covid-19, medical issues such as MS, cancer, neurological, autoimmune or cardiac disorders; isolation, anxiety/fear, depression;...  more
    led by Adele Gill

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    An Oily Way of Life

    Moving my FB Business Page here!

    So glad you joined me!
    led by Shauna Caylor