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    New Rivers

    New Rivers Church group
    led by Brett Milam

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    Chosen Explosion Ministries

    Lovers of Jesus, carriers of the presence of God, last days revivalists and harvesters. This is a place to support and pray for one another. It’s is a place to share what we feel that God is saying to us. We are a Christian community and family of...  more
    led by Evelyn Brooks

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    Hearing God

    A group for people hearing God through 2 way journaling, to share what God is speaking to them and get confirmation from others!
    led by ShellyAndrew Wenger

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    Religion and Politics

    Let's discuss current politics and religion.
    led by Jan Watts

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    Prayers for Canada

    This is a place where we can connect with other Christians and come together in unity and pray for Canada. We will not let the devil have his way in God's nation. Canada belongs to God!

    Share your prayers and prayer requests, scriptures, prophetic...  more
    led by Elizabeth Weglarz

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    LA Sisters in Christ United

    Inviting like minded sisters in Christ for friendship, encouragement, support for one another and enjoy life together for Higher Purpose.
    led by Anna G

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    Greater unity between Latter day Saints and Pentecostals ....

    Because I am merely an investigator of the Latter day Saints movement I am in a special position to promote a proposed meeting at BYU in Jerusalem where perhaps you attempt to get near death experiencer Dr. Kevin Zadai to perhaps speak with near death...  more
    led by Dennis Tate

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    LWA Prayer Group

    Post a prayer need and our team will start praying!
    led by Melanie Kratzer

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    Marshall Home Church

    For Prayer, Fellowship, Teaching & Scripture
    led by Martin Miller

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    I have had this page on Fakebook since July 11, 2016. We began as a musical evangelistic ministry that eventually ended up finding a home about 40 miles south of our house. We taught the Bible truths, and preached the good news Gospel of salvation to a...  more
    led by Willie Welch