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    Ignite Your Life

    This group is focused on activating people of faith into making a kingdom difference with their life within the 7 mountains of influence. We help people break free from their past, make a kingdom difference with their life and story.
    led by Scott Johnson

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    Catholic Faith Tradition

    A solid Catholic Faith Group that espouses the Church prior to Vatican II which was the Latin Mass only.
    led by Roger Bouchard

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    Sharing from the treasures of God-wisdom learned from my own journey of deliverance, to aid Prisoners of Hope arise, & become Covenant Trophies being fashioned by God into Pillars of His Strength!
    led by Iris Luke

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    Novus Ordo Exodus

    This group is for people who have left the Novus Ordo Church and entered the faithful Catholic Latin Mass Church. We also encourage those thinking of possibly leaving the Novus Ordo.

    We welcome you all into this group! Join us in our journey within...  more
    led by Roger Bouchard

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    led by Kendra Watkins

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    East Cost Apostolic | Prophetic Word & Spiritual Teaching

    God called me to help influence reformation in society and the church. It's time to get back to the basics!

    God's word is the truth. it's time to live it out as it was intended and walk in a kingdom mindset. Claim your spiritual authority! You are...  more
    led by Casey Cohen

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    Women Of Encouragement 

    Find words of wisdom in these inspirational quotes, poems, stories, and thoughts that offer knowledge and common sense, sharing life lessons, wisdom through experience, and the results of life choices. You will find funny words of wisdom, one-liners,...  more
    led by Cala Stadel

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    Follower of Christ 

    Followers of Christ
    led by Bev Lott

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    Band of Christian Brothers (SRQ)

    Connect for friendship building, fellowship in Christ, unifying churches in the community through common bonds as Christians. Great food, prayer for one another and an inspiring devotional.
    led by David Bielby

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    Paladins Of Christ 

    A group for deliverance ministers and those in need of deliverance
    led by Gary Snearley 

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    My Prayer Today

    Daily Prayers to enhance your walk.
    led by Bill Carbin

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    If I Perish I Perish!

    Giving each one in turn, in the body of Christ, an opportunity to release our journey to others for the purpose of strengthening our brothers and sisters in our daily walk.
    It's an opportunity to respond to the daily posts, not to post or tag your own...  more
    led by Christal Baldwin