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    Home School Arizona

    Just trying to connect with other Arizona parents to partner in educating our children. Let's make sure we use all of the resources of our communities, meaning the home school community. Yes, we have pulled back from the public system to take control...  more
    led by James Steele

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    Please Read With Me

    Inspiring children to read with us and to us is an important part of what makes the passion for reading stick and grow into a lifelong habit. I want to use this group to share reading tips and tricks as well as offer current specials on books that am...  more
    led by Angi Baumel

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    Powerhouse Mininstries Apostolic Center

    PHMI & SOLD we are Synergizing our efforts
    together to form and fashion A GLOBAL APOSTOLIC - EDUCATION CENTER
    We are excited to announce this great collaboration! In 2020, Apostle Paulette Boschmans, Dr. Ian E Cummings, & Apostles Gaditcha Olijfveld &...  more
    led by Jolanda Rood

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    Webdesign questions

    Hey, my name is Andreas and I am a webdesigner if you have any questions regarding learning webdesign, feal free to ask me and I will teach you what I know.

    One good place to start learning webdesign is at where they have...  more
    led by Andreas Bengter

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    Morning Meditations

    This group is for everyone who desires to grow closer to the Lord Jesus Christ an by doing so; learn to express this closeness to others by witnessing about the goodness of the Lord Jesus Christ.
    led by Robert Thomas Jr

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    Please be part of our campaign to save lives of young Orphans and Widows who are going through very difficult situation in some African countries. Our Foundation, THE GET UP AND WALK FOUNDATION is there to help Orphans and Widows who are suffering alone...  more
    led by Humphrey Minja

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    Homeschool Mommas of Texas

    A place to pray together, encourage one another and seek advice!
    led by Kelly Campbell