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    Central Oklahoma Poultry and Fowl

    A group to share information with one another about poultry and fowl. Buying and selling is permitted but it is between each individual not the group itself.
    led by John Knispel

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    The Love for Dogs & Puppies

    A fun place to share pics of our pets, advice, sad and also joy stories. Feel free to join in the conversation and shared love of God's creation--The Dog. Remember, Dog spelled backwards is GOD. I think that's pretty cool. :)
    led by Cindy Bernard

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    Scottish Terrier Admiration Society

    Scotties, all scotties, all the time!
    You know who you are, smitten, enamored, bedeviled in Scottish Terriers.
    "Little black fellow with canny bright eyes.
    Peering intently (so comically wise),...  more
    led by murphy goode

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    Small Rodent Lovers

    Do you have a small furry friend that you love? Whether it's a rabbit, guinea pig, hamster, mouse, rat, gerbil, etc. you can find a friendly community here! Remember to be kind to people, and especially to your pets!
    led by Mykayla Berna

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    All Things Pomeranian

    A group for Pomeranians lovers
    led by Mary Oliveti

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    Hinson Hen-House

    Our group is open to all chicken lovers to post photos and share information on raising chickens. We've been raising Backyard Chickens in Georgia, and we love them so much! We have Ameraucana Chickens that lay Blue Eggs... Olive Egger Chickens that lay...  more
    led by Patty Hinson

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    All about Chickens

    Everyone share your chickens, this is a place to share your experience and for newbies to get information on caring for chickens.
    led by Shonda McGee

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    My Little Faux-Farm

    My little journey on my little faux-farm.
    led by Kimberly Amee

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    Newfoundland Pyrenees puppies 

    Ready for homes 2/7/2021 Located in Cleveland Tennessee
    led by Faith Talor

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    We love animals

    who loves animals say hi to the group members
    led by John Patrick

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    All Things Dog For Dog Lovers

    A place where dog lovers everywhere can come to exchange dog stories, photos, upbeat videos, and all kinds of information related to dogs.
    led by K Makely

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    Love my cats

    Hey love my cats Don't you love yours Lets show, talk about, whatever. Most of my animals are receus.
    led by Faith Graichen