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    the SRNEWS Project

    A crossword commentary on politics and religion wrapped in a word search sprinkled with humor
    led by STEVE NEUMANN

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    I invite you to come gather under the Majestic Oak Tree On The Hill with me as I share prophetic “morsels” He has graced me with to share (Gen.18:4-5)
    led by Virginia Adler

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    The Lions' Den! Online Christian Fellowship!

    Category: Online Christian Fellowship

    The Lions' Den! Online Christian...  more
    led by Michelle Katherine Orts

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    Looking here for Germans and german speakers around the globe.
    Hallo da draußen! Gibt es hier Deutsche?
    led by Ralf Meischner

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    I heard that there was at least one riding in the Mississauga area that had no PPC candidate in 2021 so.......

    this seriously sets us up for a series of debates between Mr. Chris Sky with Dr. Salim Mansur on an alternative theory on stabilization of the...  more
    led by Dennis Tate

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    Okay cool I just don’t

    I’m good how’s the
    led by Erik Hartley

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    Kingdom of God

    ***Jesus is the only way, the only truth and the only reality***
    led by Tyeshia S Harvey

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    Jerusalem, the Eternal Capital of Israel

    Jerusalem's history is long. Five thousand years ago, a group of settlers chose to make their homes on the steep ridge called the Ophel, south of the Old City. 2000 years later, David captured it from the Jebusites. He brought the Holy Ark, establishing...  more
    led by Lisa Schultz

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    Women against abortion

    Have you or someone you know had an abortion and regretted it? This is a space where women from all backgrounds, who need to connect with others women who went through the same pain can discuss their struggles with their decision. You are not alone in...  more
    led by Sonja Pikel

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    Prayers for a Heart Like David's

    A daily prayer group open to everyone seeking a closer walk with Jesus Christ.
    led by Rebecca Downey