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    Let your soul prosper!  Emotional wholeness with coach Kira

    In this group you can find the support and working coaching methods to grow in self value in order to heal from the past, restore self-confidence and create the life you dream about. You are a gift from God that came from heaven! Your inner desires to...  more
    led by Kira Weber

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    Bright Hope

    Helping the extreme poor onto the sustainability road.
    led by C.H. Dyer

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    Destiny Arising

    Destiny Arising Exists to Teach, Strength, and Release a Community of Women to Complete their Purpose.

    Our Goal to Empower Women to Confidently Pursue and Fulfill their Destinies in ALL Spheres of Influence.
    led by DrTheresa Phillips

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    Canton Community Care Center

    Canton Community Care Center a.k.a. C4, is located in Canton Illinois. We try to assist our Community by following our motto. Know Your Neighbor, Help Your Neighbor, Love Your Neighbor. C4 is a new non profit organization and at this time we have a few...  more
    led by Steven Bowton

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    Belau Er Kid

    mo sebeched el dmung a soad e diak a oligarch el mengerodch el kirel.
    led by Jacqueline Alexander

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      Can’t Get Right 

    The left will never be Right
    led by mike Lowery

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    In Libertatem Veritas Latet - In Truth Lies Freedom

    A place for men to SPEAK FREELY to one another.
    No political correctness - no filter. Be yourself.
    Encourage one another and share laughter.
    led by Lee Herrin

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    Protect and Save America 

    This group is for those who love America, believe in the Constitution, support the President of the United States and put God first in everything. We also educate others on how to protect your legal rights and your identity.
    led by Kelly Sherrell

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    Not On Our Watch

    Families against Pedophilia!!
    led by Maria Harjo

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    The Good Men

    The Good Men group extended to Xapit
    led by Chris Neils

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    Where Believers Gather and Fellowship This is where we will have important things posted that we need to be made aware! Be sure to buy a VPN. IT WILL PROTECT you from prying eyes and scramble your content while it hides your actual location! It will work...  more
    led by Debi Smith

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    Buffalonians Against Excessive Quarantine (716)

    This group is for the active promotion of the sovereignty of citizen rights for those within the WNY area whilst under quarantine measures. Within this group, we support dialogue of the news updates regarding current measures taken on a state and local...  more
    led by Devon Rusinek