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    Fiber Arts Friends

    This group is for anyone who loves anything to do with fiber arts whether it's anything concerning yarn, the fibers that make the yarn or the animals that provide the fibers. All handspinners, weavers, knitters, crocheters, felters, shepherds or farmers...  more
    led by Glenda Burrows

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    God ROCKS! (and Minerals)

    A place to show off God's creation of rocks and minerals.
    And to trade specmins. No selling please.
    A place for all levels of geologists, from pebble lovers to rock hoarders.
    led by Pamela Kelly

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    2nd Amendment and Your 2A Rights

    Come join a group of Individuals that love what the 2nd Amendment provides for everyone. New and experienced gun owners are all welcome. Hoping that experienced gun owners would help and give advice while lending their experience to new gun owners.
    led by Kenneth Sanchez

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    Junk Journaling

    Junk & Not so Junkie Journaling of all types of media
    led by Victoria F.

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    Blacksmiths and Knifemakers

    World's okayest Blacksmiths and Knifemakers unite! Let's help each other become better at what we love and do! We need those with no experience so that we get good questions and we need those with lots of experience so we get great answers :)
    led by Logan Howlett

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    The Cutter's Bench

    Bruce Furst is hand cutting all precious gem stones. He can custom cut anything you'd like. I'll post pics but if you searching
    for something special, contact me and I'll see if its in his inventory or ready to be cut. He's is a master cutting doing the...  more
    led by Renee Furst

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    handyman’s corner

    Carpentry, woodworking, home improvement,DIY repairs and projects
    led by Ryan Osterink 

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    Talent Show and Inspiration

    Sharing the gift God gave you. Inspire and encourage each other with our talents. arts and crafts of all kind welcomed. If the work is not your original please give proper credit to the artist. Praise God.
    led by Sarah R. Kuykendall

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    For anyone who loves God but also loves to crochet
    led by Karen Wheeler

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    Write Your Story!

    Hi! I started the "Write Your Story" group, because I know there are writers out there who have something to offer, who like hearing new ideas, and like meeting people with their same passion. This is a group of folks who definitely have something to...  more
    led by Debi Coccellato

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    Creative Crafters

    Show us what you like to create. Paint, draw, sew, crafting of all sort. I love to see what people make!
    led by Maureen Ferraro Barone