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    Sanctioned Love

    Ministering the love of Jesus. Isaiah 61
    led by Joy Pharo

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    Protect Life

    Those who are pro-life are often accused of not caring about those who have already been born. This is a lie. We are pro-life because we value life at ALL stages — not just the easy and convenient ones.
    led by Samantha Flom

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    U N I in Christ Jesus ministries

    1 Cor 12:12  For just as the body is one and yet has many parts, and all the parts, though many, form [only] one body, so it is with Christ.
    led by bob panske

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    The Discernment Gathering

    Group that seeks to know Jesus' will at this time in this new era through bible study, discussion, research and communion. Also paramount in understanding the times we are in through discerning current and past prophetic insights.
    led by Will Younger

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    Elisha's Portion

    Join us on a journey to discover what it looks like to be a follower of Jesus Christ!
    led by Collin Barry

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    Pet Lovers Prayer room 

    In praying for people over the years I found that many like me love their pets and they are a large part of their family and the love is deep and the loss of a pet is even deeper and I have also seen many prayers answered on prayer request for lost pets...  more
    led by Gail Kilday

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    Children of Pappa Joseph

    A worldwide fellowship of God's People from all the nations, churches, and faiths, who are encouraged, comforted, and inspired by the messages of Pappa Joseph.
    led by Pappa Joseph

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    Prayers, Dreams and Visions from Heaven

    Sharing our dreams from our Heavenly Father can be such a blessing so I wanted to provide a safe platform for all of us dreamers and Visionaries to come together. Of course not all dreams are from God and not all dreams should be shared.
    So we need to...  more
    led by Michelle Retan

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    Christians United against Globalism (The New World Order)

    I created this group for like-minded Christians of all denominations (as well as people who are not sure about Christ but would like to learn more), to come together in the fight against globalism (including socialism and communism), and the evil that...  more
    led by Heather Akin (Riley)

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    God Dreams

    A place to share dreams and visions
    led by Lisa Witt

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    The Awakened

    Patriot, faithfilled believer, friend, writer, designer. Like minded believers join.
    led by Caryn Kehrly