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    Prayers, Dreams and Visions from Heaven

    Sharing our dreams from our Heavenly Father can be such a blessing so I wanted to provide a safe platform for all of us dreamers and Visionaries to come together. Of course not all dreams are from God and not all dreams should be shared.
    So we need to...  more
    led by Michelle Retan

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    Christians United against Globalism (The New World Order)

    I created this group for like-minded Christians of all denominations (as well as people who are not sure about Christ but would like to learn more), to come together in the fight against globalism (including socialism and communism), and the evil that...  more
    led by Heather Akin (Riley)

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    God Dreams

    A place to share dreams and visions
    led by Lisa Witt

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    Worship Musicians

    I am a worship musician for over 30 years and just wanted to see if some others are out there who would like to exchange music, songs, testimonies etc. related to the worship of the one true God in the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Other sites are going...  more
    led by David Chaney

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    Mixed Media Artists 

    Calling all mixed media artists. Let’s share our creativity with one another. Feel free to post videos and photos of your finished works, or your process of creating here. Let’s have some fun getting to know one another, encouraging and sharing....  more
    led by Rebecca Richards

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    Business Opportunities for all

    This group is about sharing business opportunities out there. We believe that God has called us to get out there and conquer the world. We can only do that by mastering the business world to have a true impact on our environment. Let4s come together,...  more
    led by Aubin Katuku

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    The Book of Romans
    led by I R GATPHOH

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    DNA Drops for a Healthier Lifestyle

    DNA Drops for a Healthy Alternatives to Healthier body. 100 % Absorption, No pills nor powders that make you gag or winces as you take them, just Delicious as hard candies without artificial sweeteners.

    Educating people on making better choices on...  more
    led by John Campanelli

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    Talent Show and Inspiration

    Sharing the gift God gave you. Inspire and encourage each other with our talents. arts and crafts of all kind welcomed. If the work is not your original please give proper credit to the artist. Praise God.
    led by Sarah R. Kuykendall

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    The Awakened

    Patriot, faithfilled believer, friend, writer, designer. Like minded believers join.
    led by Caryn Kehrly

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    The Awakened

    Patriot, faithfilled believer, friend, writer, designer. Like minded believers join.
    led by Caryn Kehrly

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