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  • 867

    Fans of Near Death Experiencer Dr.Kevin Zadai

    I've been listening to near death experiencer Dr. Kevin Zadai for over two years and his videos have greatly helped me to have a much more positive view of my life and my place in the universe / Multiverse.
    led by Dennis Tate

  • 631

    National Governors Prayer Team

    Let your Governor and all those authority in your state know you are praying for them.
    We are blessed to know that the Call to Prayer for America is being answered by so many individuals and organizations across our nation. It is a call that we can not...  more
    led by Thomas Walker

  • 596


    This group is a special christian resource center and houses access links to FREE ( yes , i said it but its true ) encouraging short videos that give depth in teaching together with exciting testimonies on them

    CHECK OUT ... ...  more
    led by Alan Bowman

  • 505

    Union of Appeals

    A New Political Party

    We are a new Conservative Political Party, "Restoring the Republic" for the Kingdom of God in America. We have risen to take back the American Government and revive her from the root. We self-identify with our national heritage as...  more
    led by Union of Appeals

  • 653

    Bold Warriors - Before the Throne of Grace

    Those who belong to Jesus Christ are told to boldly go before the throne of grace, to ask in faith and to trust He will answer us. This group is to encourage believers to do just that. To boldly come before our God. To fight against the enemy in prayer....  more
    led by Erica Losch

  • 391

    The River Barrie

    Followers of Jesus reaching out to others and bringing them into fellowship with Him
    led by Herman Overdijk

  • 486

    Georgia Family Photography

    This group was created to introduce Christian photography businesses in the state of Georgia; to help photographers networks with other professionals in communities and counties throughout Georgia, as well as be introduced to groups looking to hire...  more
    led by Dorine Pederzani 

  • 649

    The Faithful Remnants

    Folks it's time to back away from OPWDD and start saying no to the vaccine. I am starting this group for parents who have ab adult at home with Developmental Disabilities to feel free to express their feelings.
    led by Nicholas Baker

  • 825

    Heaven's Fans Club 天堂粉团

    To help fans of Heaven to share and communicate for realizing the Heaven's culture on this earth.
    led by Jacob of the east

  • 1,532

    Fans of Kat Kerr

    This group is to share thoughts about all the amazing videos, prophecies, artwork, angel photos and messages from Prophet Kat Kerr. We want to collect and discuss all the messages about spiritual warfare, prayer tips and encounters with God and heaven too.
    led by Phillip Aiken

  • 1,080

    We Choose - Canada

    Medical Choice Freedom Fighters

    A discussion forum and support group for those that believe in every individual's right to make their own medical...  more
    led by Mishaela Fisler

  • 655

    Minnesota Republicans 

    A place for conservatives to gather around like-minded people without the worry of censorship. Our motto is Taking Back Minnesota.
    led by Mitch Hanson