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    Pray For The Children, including the unborn

    This is a pro-life prayer platform that The Lord has given me, to share with all who are willing to pray for the children including the unborn-also for the kids who are being raised by families who are atheistic, or the kids who aren’t being raised by...  more
    led by Crystal Griffith

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    God’s Dimension International 

    There comes a time in everyone’s life from a king or a queen seated on his throne, a president, a prime minister to a beggar on the street that we will all need God’s Dimension.
    We can share testimonies of God’s Dimension or we can share Prayer...  more
    led by Pastor Florence Adhiambo 

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    Prayers for a Heart Like David's

    A daily prayer group open to everyone seeking a closer walk with Jesus Christ.
    led by Rebecca Downey

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    Prayers for a Heart Like David's

    A daily prayer group open to everyone seeking a closer walk with Jesus Christ.
    led by Rebecca Downey

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    Sister Bay Aglow Neighborhood Lighthouse

    A fellowship of people who desire to reach our Door County neighborhoods with the love of Christ. Attend monthly meetings for food, fun and fellowship, in the presence of the Lord. A ministry of prayer and care
    led by Faith Murray

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    Seer Inspiration

    Prophetic words to help lead us home
    led by Tanya LaPage

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    Jasper, AR residents and wannabes

    Hi guys! I'm Pam Treu. My husband, Chuck, and I bought land in Jasper, and will be building a home there. Since we're still in Kansas City for now, I thought I'd try to tap into the Christian family in the Jasper area. I look forward to getting to know you all!
    led by Pam Treu

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    Junk Journaling

    Junk & Not so Junkie Journaling of all types of media
    led by Victoria F.

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    Water into Wine

    A group where scripture is our foundation and spiritual growth is the aim.
    led by Victoria F.

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    2020 election fraud

    any information about the fraudulent election welcome. Trump Won. Oh, and I do slip in other great informative stuff, mainly because our world has really changed since this fraudulent election. It has got to stop. TRUMP TAKE YOUR PRESIDENTIAL SEAT BACK,...  more
    led by pynkdelight .

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    The Chosen Fans Unite

    A place to talk about the show, share your favorite moments, laugh, cry, and just be you. Click JOIN and lets #getusedtodifferent together! Feel free to share other things outside of the show like: memes, jokes, prayer requests, things about your...  more
    led by Sarah Conner

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    Jesus Loves Me

    Sharing of scriptures, praying together, prayers for one another. Testimonies, praise, worshiping our Lord Jesus and Heavenly Father.
    led by Lizetta Van Ness