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    Pray for Israel

    This is a prayer group for those who are willing to pray for Israel
    led by Crystal Griffith

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    United in Prayer for the Prodigals to return!

    A place to post your prayers for the prodigal to come home! A place to receive support and be encouraged that you are not alone and God does hear your prayers! Please post the prodigal's name(s) that you are praying for - first name only please! Post...  more
    led by Lainey Mahaffey

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    Suzanne’s Collagen VIP

    In this group we will talk about the benefits of Collagen.
    led by Suzanne Browning

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    over 50 Still on Two Wheels Lovin' It

    please feel free to post about your rides, pics of your bikes or funny bike related meme.
    Keep it positive and comment with respect.
    led by Melissa Matthews

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    Holy Spirit Healing Project

    We are a group of believers who stand on the Word of God in faith and in prayer believe God heals, restores, delivers and makes one whole. We believe in the abundant life Jesus promises in John 10:10. How can we pray for you? How can we stand with you in...  more
    led by Susan J Perry

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    Ignite Your Life & World

    Own Your Life & Future & Make a Difference With Your Kingdom Purpose! This group is all about making a difference. You were created to be a beacon of light that is to flow from every aspect of your life. Jesus did not live a compartmentalized life! In...  more
    led by Scott Johnson

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    Riven Music & Ministry

    We are a Southern Gospel group spreading the Good News through our singing, testimony, and preaching.
    led by Scot Womble

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    The Great Commission

    This group is for all followers of Jesus Christ interested in sharing how Yahwah is or has used them in sharing his Love by telling them about Him; thus fulling this last Commandment either at home or overseas.
    Jesus gave following commandment, called...  more
    led by JAMES WALKER

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    News, articles, consumer alert articles and updates about our health.

    Disclaimer: This group in no way prescribes or suggests treatments or medications for anyone's health conditions or problems. It is a group purely for discussiion purposes only.
    led by Diane/Dreemer Yarbrough

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    Jerusalem, the Eternal Capital of Israel

    Jerusalem's history is long. Five thousand years ago, a group of settlers chose to make their homes on the steep ridge called the Ophel, south of the Old City. 2000 years later, David captured it from the Jebusites. He brought the Holy Ark, establishing...  more
    led by Lisa Schultz

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    That Oily Life

    I'll be sharing the practical ways I use essential oil products in my daily life as a busy wife and mom of two.

    Have you tried essential oils? What are some of your favorite uses for essential oils?...  more
    led by Melodee Cluster