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    This group is for SIM 4 Members only
    led by Kelly Rivera

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    Pastors & Revivalists

    Seeking and desiring a genuine outpouring of God. Sharing wisdom and encouragement to persevere, contend and pressing in for a move of God! Feel free to post and share your thoughts and experiences to spark fire and hunger in others.
    led by Troy Gacayan

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    Prayer Requests & Bible/Inspirational Quotes

    God already knows what you need before you say it but He wants us to be humble to call upon Him for help because He also wants to have a relationship with us. As Christians, we are called to LOVE everyone, lift, help, and pray for one another. Share your...  more
    led by Joy Ruckman

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    The Message

    "The Message" is a Christian group Established in 2001 to share the Word of God and to encourage, inspire and help individuals grow in faith as a gods heirs through Jesus Christ our Lord!

    Step by step, from glory to glory, sharing the love of Christ...  more
    led by MichaelSherri Harp

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    Environmental Toxins: The Problems & The Solution

    The purpose of this group is to educate members about the environmental toxins crisis in our world today. We will educate about the problems associated with environmental toxicity and we will provide only proven solutions based on pure science and the...  more
    led by Lori Lee

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    ROAR (Rescue Our American Republic)

    A MA grassroots group working to help rescue our republic by keeping people informed at the local level of how to get involved and make a change in our towns and cities
    led by Chickie Taylor

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    Minnesota Ekklesia

    Looking to connect to my tribe here in Minnesota that love Jesus - love worship - love freedom - are against medical mandates, believe and honor the prophets, and are desiring to learn more about our authority and responsibility as God's Ekklesia in...  more
    led by LeNae Williamson

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    Faith and science

    In post-Christian countries like Ireland, Italy, Spain and USA to name a few it is alleged that science is not compatible with the essentials of the Judeo-Christian creeds.

    This is not true and our youth need and deserve to be informed that this is...  more
    led by Dr Phillip Alan Chalmers

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    NFTs Past the stars

    NFTs Past the Stars digital art
    led by Sharon Schlabach

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    main lobby

    Post your thoughts, beliefs, revelations or prayer requests
    led by Jake Mayes

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    Prophetic Painters

    Post art the Lord has inspired you to create. Any medium or style, Christian based themes.
    led by Linda Stamper

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    Prophetic Painters

    Post art the Lord has inspired you to create. Any medium or style, Christian based themes.
    led by Linda Stamper