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    Rock Art

    Love to paint on rocks
    led by Paulette Fraticelli

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    Broken Sisters Ministry 

    We are Iron Sharpening Iron
    We don’t put your sisters down, we silently help straighten your crown.
    led by Mary Koch (Cook) 

  • 239

    Supernatural Kids Ministry with Becky Fischer

    This group is dedicated to children's ministers who are passionate (or maybe just curious) about raising a generation of children to walk in the supernatural power of God. We believe kids can be saved, filled with the spirit, learn to hear God's voice,...  more
    led by Becky Fischer

  • 445

    Funny & Cute Memes :3

    Share your funny and cute memes/ jokes here!
    led by Christina Daub

  • 1,285

    Donald Trump - The People's President

    Here to show support for Conservative values, and President Donald Trump! Trump 2020 KAG
    led by Christina Daub

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    Protect and Save America 

    This group is for those who love America, believe in the Constitution, support the President of the United States and put God first in everything. We also educate others on how to protect your legal rights and your identity.
    led by Kelly Sherrell

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    Prayers and Decrees

    This is a group sharing the good News of One New Man according to the Word of God.
    led by Gary Rechtfertig

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    The Key Prayer Group

    Skype ID live:.cid.13fd8df23af0d74 Skype Name: Prayer Warrior. Picture of a golden key on a wall. Join the Key Prayer Group by sending a contact request to these Skype details. The prayer times are initially Monday evenings at 7pm UK time (BST/GMT),...  more
    led by Helen S

  • 118

    Not On Our Watch

    Families against Pedophilia!!
    led by Maria Harjo

  • 97

    The Free and United Majority

    A platform group for those who love freedom!!!
    led by Maria Harjo

  • 500

    Fit and fabulous

    I was so tired of being tired!! Over weight and 50 years old. I wanted better for I did something about it. Two pills twice a day....all natural and plant based. I feel fantastic and haven’t looked this good in 10 years.
    led by Shannon Faas

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    The Good Men

    The Good Men group extended to Xapit
    led by Chris Neils