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    Puritan Party

    Emerging new political party...starting now. Papa (my Father in heaven) has moved me to establish a new political party to uphold conservative principals and support the 1776 Commission project led by our President Trump. For more information, please...  more
    led by Christal Baldwin

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    Heaven's Fans Club 天堂粉团

    To help fans of Heaven to share and communicate for realizing the Heaven's culture on this earth.
    led by Jim Sun

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    Fans of Kat Kerr

    This group is to share thoughts about all the amazing videos, prophecies, artwork, angel photos and messages from Prophet Kat Kerr. We want to collect and discuss all the messages about spiritual warfare, prayer tips and encounters with God and heaven too.
    led by Phillip Aiken

  • 495

    We Choose - Canada

    Medical Choice Freedom Fighters

    A discussion forum and support group for those that believe in every individual's right to make their own medical...  more
    led by Mishaela Fisler

  • 142

    Minnesota Republicans 

    A place for conservatives to gather around like-minded people without the worry of censorship. Our motto is Taking Back Minnesota.
    led by Mitch Hanson

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    pray for California and all Democratic-run states

    This group is for all who are willing to pray for the State of California—including, those of which are typically overrun by those on the far-left.
    led by Crystal Griffith

  • 600

    Cross of Jesus Christ Ministries prayer wall

    Since we started this ministry, in 2015, it has grown beyond our wildest dreams. As of today, we have more than 180 000 members all over the world who follow us on a regular basis. We are privileged to minister to them for free and to teach the Bible on...  more
    led by Ernie Hume

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    Barnyard Ministries

    Enjoying Gods creation and promoting outdoor activities to strengthen our connection with the Creator!
    led by Paul Kelly 

  • 240

    Empowered Hearts Ministry Live ‘Challenges’

    We hold complementary Facebook Live events for Christian parents who want to learn Kingdom ways of parenting, discipling, and educating their families.
    led by Marilyn Howshall

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    Digital Marketing

    Learn how to start a business online.
    led by Ruth Chant

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    I am a Scentsy consultant. If anyone is interested in scentsy products and/or becoming a consultant let me know. I'm using this business to help support my family and help with children's ministry funding.
    led by Jill Kyees

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    UK Market place

    Members living in the UK selling & buying staff between themselves without an intermediary controlling or charging 3rd party.
    led by Jean-Marie Harzo