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    Ostomates care

    I want to provide a place for ostomates to give and receive support. There are many issues faced with any ostomy.
    led by Stephie Belle

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    The Inspiration Cafe Podcast Group

    Welcome to The Inspiration Cafe Podcast & Blog Group. So glad you are able to join us!

    Need a little inspiration in your busy day? Then you've come to the right place!
    This blog & podcast group is led by author/blogger/podcast host Adele M. Gill, and...  more
    led by Adele M Gill

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    Work from home online

    This is a binary options trading, it deals on trading of bitcoin cryptocurrency where you can invest little capital and start earning daily and weekly profits from home and still do your business, it very easy and will also be another source of income to you
    led by Richard Barrow 

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    Spirit Unlimited Intl Ministries

    Training the body of Christ to step beyond the veil and experience the Supernatural Kingdom that we were created to live in. Dr. Amy McMillan's ministry includes teachings Treasures of the Secret Place (Isa 45:3) Training your spiritual senses (Heb...  more
    led by Amy McMillan

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    Encouraging Life song

    poems , songs video , to bring encouragement for laughter and growth.
    led by Sonya Warren

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    King Jesus of the Leo Constellation , The Galactic Ruler

    This is an Inclusive Group that welcomes all Beliefs' and Especially Logical People that want to believe but need some logical proof , Come join the Journey
    led by Daniel Antonson

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    Our Pilgrim Journey Home

    Much like Pastor John Bunyan of old, we are all on a Pilgrim Journey home to Heaven and New Jerusalem. Join and share from YOUR Journey, or just watch, listen, and learn from your fellow travelers. Our journey will have mountain-tops of Joy, and...  more
    led by Harry Guynup

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    Canadian Politics

    All things that pertain to Canadian politics
    led by Gert Wensveen

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    This group is for SIM 4 Members only
    led by Kelly Rivera

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    Pastors & Revivalists

    Seeking and desiring a genuine outpouring of God. Sharing wisdom and encouragement to persevere, contend and pressing in for a move of God! Feel free to post and share your thoughts and experiences to spark fire and hunger in others.
    led by Troy Gacayan

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    Prayer Requests & Bible/Inspirational Quotes

    God already knows what you need before you say it but He wants us to be humble to call upon Him for help because He also wants to have a relationship with us. As Christians, we are called to LOVE everyone, lift, help, and pray for one another. Share your...  more
    led by Joy Ruckman

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    The Message

    "The Message" is a Christian group Established in 2001 to share the Word of God and to encourage, inspire and help individuals grow in faith as a gods heirs through Jesus Christ our Lord!

    Step by step, from glory to glory, sharing the love of Christ...  more
    led by MichaelSherri Harp