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    The Real Truth About Vaccines

    This group is about a topic that for some may be controversial. Vaccines have been used for years as a means to control public health but many studies show that they may not be as safe or effective as we have been led to believe. Like everything else,...  more
    led by Rebekah Ellerby

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    Marshall Home Church

    For Prayer, Fellowship, Teaching & Scripture
    led by Martin Miller

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    God is With you

    God does his miracle in a mysterious Way
    led by Glenn Whitman

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    A place for all to share and comment on sarcastic issues, whether politics, or other more important issues, Is there any more important issues than political ones currently?

    See, that is a form of sarcasm.

    I have a similar page on Fakebook, but as I am...  more
    led by Willie Welch

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    I have had this page on Fakebook since July 11, 2016. We began as a musical evangelistic ministry that eventually ended up finding a home about 40 miles south of our house. We taught the Bible truths, and preached the good newqs Gospel of salvation to a...  more
    led by Willie Welch

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    Created on 2021-09-09 19:01:54 +0000

    Created on 2021-09-09 19:01:54 +0000
    led by Erik Hartley

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    Fans of Elijah Streams and Pastor Steve Schultz!

    Many predictions over the past twenty years are out there of a massive Wealth Transfer from the Wicked to the Righteous. I feel that I was given a few ideas related to all this.
    led by Dennis Tate

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    I am a professional stock broker and forex and binary trade expert/account manager with years of experience. I am set up with a broker and manage and handle accounts for them.

    Have you heard about binary options trading or bitcoin trading? and on how...  more
    led by Arnold patrick

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    We Love Video Games
    led by Jane Paella

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    Country Life at Jeremiah 29:11 Farm

    Walk alongside our families day to day adventures and fun as we share our busy farm life atop our mountain property, nestled deep in the Ozark backwoods. We are a grassroots faith filled family, enjoying each and every blessing our Heavenly Father has...  more
    led by S Lynn Hampton Moore

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    Fans of Near Death Experiencer Dr.Kevin Zadai

    I've been listening to near death experiencer Dr. Kevin Zadai for over two years and his videos have greatly helped me to have a much more positive view of my life and my place in the universe / Multiverse.
    led by Dennis Tate

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    National Governors Prayer Team

    Let your Governor and all those authority in your state know you are praying for them.
    We are blessed to know that the Call to Prayer for America is being answered by so many individuals and organizations across our nation. It is a call that we can not...  more
    led by Thomas Walker