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    Fans of Edmonton Oilers

    Are you a hockey fan?
    Do you think that hockey players might be able to debate serious topics like MMT / Modern Monetary Theory with a greater level of courage than politicians do?
    That is an obvious yes!!!!!!
    Would you be interested in debates between...  more
    led by Dennis Tate

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    I heard that there was at least one riding in the Mississauga area that had no PPC candidate in 2021 so.......

    this seriously sets us up for a series of debates between Mr. Chris Sky with Dr. Salim Mansur on an alternative theory on stabilization of the...  more
    led by Dennis Tate

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    Chris Sky for Prime Minister!

    Mr. Chris Sky is one of the most courageous champions against Vaccine Passports in Canada. I would love it if he would join the People's Party of Canada and rival Mr. Maxime Bernier for the leadership because the PPC needs to have an interesting...  more
    led by Dennis Tate

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    Let Invest For Better Future
    led by Klaus Frontzek 

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    Greater unity between Latter day Saints and Pentecostals ....

    Because I am merely an investigator of the Latter day Saints movement I am in a special position to promote a proposed meeting at BYU in Jerusalem where perhaps you attempt to get near death experiencer Dr. Kevin Zadai to perhaps speak with near death...  more
    led by Dennis Tate

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    led by Erik Hartley

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    led by Erik Hartley

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    led by Erik Hartley

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    led by Erik Hartley

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    led by Erik Hartley

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