•      Are You Starting this new year off right with healthy eating or have You been on the right track already? Well, some people start a diet as one of their new year’s resolutions and usually don’t stick to it. A diet might be fine for some for a little while, but healthy eating should become part of one’s lifestyle. I know a lot of people including me put on some unwanted weight during this pandemic & quarantine time. I hope You didn’t “fall off the wagon” too! Well, if You did, You can start healthy eating today!! Don’t worry, You don’t have to give up everything, except those things that is detrimental to Your health. For example, all fried foods have too many fat calories and cholesterol. Eating too much bread and starchy food contain too many carbohydrates. Eating too many sweet choices is not healthy for You either; many calories, carbohydrates, and fats. Watching Your sodium intake is wise too concerning healthy eating. Now, let me mention some healthy eating choices: vegetables, low fat yogurts, fruits, nuts, variety of beans & lentils, fish, turkey, chicken, & plenty of water. Okay, I have said enough about healthy eating. GOD has already provided healing by the Stripes JESUS took on HIS back when HE was on this Earth. But, who wants to get sick in the first place & and then have to believe for the now manifestation of healing. Join me in doing better this 2022!! “All Things New!!!” #Selah