•      Today is A New Day!! Rejoice and be glad in it!! Life is too short to be sad & unhappy every day!! If You are a Child of GOD, Just being Happy in HIM is enough if there is nothing else to be happy about. Hopefully, You have something else too to be happy about. What about You are alive, have food to eat, have a place to lay Your head, a job or some kind of income to buy things, family and or friends who loves You, a church family, Your health is at least reasonably well, a vehicle or some form of transportation source, etc. There ought to be something in Your life that brings You happiness. Even though being happy is important, it is usually recognized as temporary based on outside circumstances & fickle emotions. Now, Joy is different. It is one of The Nine fruit of the Spirit that GOD gives a person when they accept HIS Son JESUS into the Heart!!! Joy will be there eternally no matter what’s going on around You!! If You feel that Your joy level is low, just stir it up with praise and worship of GOD. Also, You can get help from hearing some anointed preaching and/or faith-based gospel music. “THE JOY OF THE LORD IS YOUR STRENGTH!!!” Make This 2022 a Year to Keep Your Joy Stirred up and being Happy!!!” “All Things New!!!”  #Selah