Rosemary-a healing herb

  • Years ago I had a vision. I was standing at the door of a room that was filled with boxes. There were big boxes, little boxes, and boxes of all sizes and shapes. While I was looking at the boxes, I realized that there was light coming from somewhere in the middle. I walked around to see where the light was coming from. There was Jesus kneeling down and nursing a small fire that was just starting. He had what looked like moss and was carefully putting it in and blowing on it to help it start. When I looked at Him I was overwhelmed with the realization that the Creator the universe cared enough about me that He would come Himself to help me get rid of the boxes. I knew that the boxes were things that were cluttering up my life and making it difficult for me to come to Him. I was faced with a choice. I could either stand back and mourn as the boxes were burned or I could hand the boxes to Him and rejoice as they burned.
    I believe we have come to a time when God wants to burn up the things that are hindering our relationship with Him. How will you choose to respond to the fire? Will you welcome it because it will help you have a closer relationship with the Lord or will you mourn?