A healing herb: Warhorse

  • When we are a child and we want to learn how to ride a horse, it is common practice to start with a pony. Ponys are gentle and are comfortable being ridden by children. They are smaller than a horse, so there is a shorter distance to the ground. This lessens the chance of the child getting hurt when they fall off. As the child grows, they are able to control a larger horse. Usually they move to a gentle older horse. This is like the Christian life. At first, we are all excited to learn about Jesus and to share about what He has done for us. Then we move to an older more gentle stage. Sometimes that's where we get stuck. It's comfortable there. It takes courage to move on. It's time for us to give up our comfort and climb up on our Warhorse and go into battle with Jesus. It may be scary, but think of the rewards. He has promised an era of peace and plenty!