A healing herb: Testimony

  • When I was twenty-nine, I lived in my home state of Oklahoma. I had two little girls. The oldest one was three years old and the youngest was three months old. My husband's job moved us to Arkansas. I had my hands full with two little ones. I was suffering from baby blues and could barely take care of my daughters. My neighbor from up the hill came down to get water, because they were building their new house and didn't have water yet. When she came down every day, I would go outside and talk to her. One day we were talking about housekeeping and I made the comment that I hadn't vacuumed since we moved. That was six weeks ago. When I said that, the floodgates opened and I told her I still had boxes I hadn't unpacked from the move. The next morning when she came, she was dressed differently. She had a scarf on her head and her sleeves were rolled up. I asked her if she was going somewhere. She said yes, I am going to vacuum your house. I  said you can't get to it, there's boxes everywhere. She said that's OK, I'll just vacuum around them. She not only vacuumed, but she cooked supper for us too. I didn't know the Lord yet, but it's no wonder that I went with her when she invited me to Bible Study Fellowship. I got saved three months later.