A healing herb: Regrets

  • For years I had regrets about things I had done in my life. I had confessed any sin involved, but the the thoughts of regret still came up at unexpected times. I will give you an example. I was visiting my daughter and son-in-law years ago and he was telling me about a key chain his mother had that fit around her wrist. I said that's a good idea. That way she won't have to look for her keys. I had forgotten all about it, and a few days later he came into the restaurant where my daughter and I were eating and had bought me a key chain like that. I  didn't remember what I had said, so I didn't appreciate what he had done for me. I always felt guilty for how I responded when he tried to give it to me. Those feelings would come back up from time to time and I would ask for forgiveness again. Then one day I was watching Praying Medic on Elijah Streams and he had a simple solution. I tried it and those feelings are totally gone! Each time a negative feeling comes back, I say "Jesus take this regret away and heal my soul." It doesn't have to be regret, it can be any negative feeling. I have been so amazed! As soon as I do that, the feeling is totally gone and it doesn't come back!