A Healing Herb: Penmanship

  • When I went to college, my penmanship was fairly neat. In the hurry to take notes, it became very messy. Sometimes I couldn't even read it. As soon as I got saved, I started keeping a journal. At first, it was mostly to write down the cute things my young children said and did. It gradually became more about God and what He was doing in my life. About a year ago, I started trying to improve my penmanship. I felt like it was important that people could read my writing. That I could express what the Father was saying to me. I didn't want anything to stand between what Father was saying and what people could understand even if it was just poor penmanship. Do you have 'poor penmanship' in your life? Is there anything standing between what the Father is saying to you and what others can read? I encourage you to improve your penmanship.