A Healing Herb: Hungry Barn Cat

  • When we lived in Arkansas, we had a barn. To keep the mice under control around all that grain, we had a barn cat. She was an awesome hunter and did her job well. One day my children and I were at the barn. There was a bird nest on one of the rafters. We watched as one of the baby birds fell from the nest. Before we could stop her, the cat pounced on the baby bird and ate it. My children were horrified. I was horrified. The enemy is like that cat. Always looking for someone to fall so he can pounce on them. Our protection is the blood of Jesus. If we know the Lord, the blood is always avaliable. When the enemy is ready to pounce, he sees the blood. Are you covered by the blood of Jesus? What will the enemy see when he starts to pounce? "Because you have received the BLOOD of the FINAL and PERFECT PASSOVER LAMB, My Son, your life is FOREVER MARKED with His SAVING, PRESERVING, DELIVERING, HEALING, and PROVIDING sacrifecial BLOOD. -- As an act of FAITH, I want you to APPLY THE BLOOD over your life, your families lives, over your homes, and all that you have been called to steward. The PASSOVER BLOOD will PROTECT and DEFEND you. The Blood of My Son, the PASSOVER LAMB, is the MOST POWERFUL FORCE in the universe, and it is yours to apply. APPLY THE BLOOD." (from a prophecy dated April 6, 2023 by Diana Larkin)