A Healing Herb: Eye of a Needle

  • Camel and needle is what I heard this morning. At first I thought I should write about how,  when I was a new believer, I learned that Jesus was talking about a gate in Jerusalem called 'The Eye of a Needle'. It was so narrow that, to pass through, you had to unload the baggage on the Camel before it could fit. Then, in an effort to be accurate, I read that it could be a mis-translation of the word camel. It can be translated rope or knot. Either way, I think we're missing the point. The point is that we all have baggage that is hindering our walk with God. The Lord has been teaching me lately to yield to Him when He brings up any of my baggage. Not to hold on to it and kick and scream when He asks me to give it up. It may be hard to let it go and we may think that we won't be able to follow through, but if we ask Him for grace to let go, we will be amazed at His faithfulness. I have been walking through this for a while. I have had several things I needed freedom from. As soon as I yielded them to the Lord and asked Him to give me grace, I experienced the grace that surpasses all understanding. Don't deny yourself this grace. Yield quickly. Remember that God is the provider of all our needs. 


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