A Healing Herb: Our Children

  • I was in a prayer group and we were praying for American's children. While we were praying, I saw a picture of a school room with children sitting at their desks. I couldn't tell how old the children were, because they each had many tendrils attached to them. So many I could hardly see the children. I saw a huge plant hidden underneath the floor that the tendrils were coming from. It had come around from the edges of the floor and was attached to each child with six to eight tendrils. I got so angry that the enemy was sapping the life out of our children.     Tendril: "A specialized stem or leaf with a threadlike shape used by climbing plants for support and attachment, as well as cellular invasion by parasitic plants. Plants can respond to touch."  This indicates to me that the more our children touch forbidden things the more the forbidden things wrap around them. That's the enemies' plan. Expose the children to things they shouldn't see or touch or hear and soon they will be all wrapped up. We need to protect our children and families from the enemies' plans. How do we do that? Pray for your children each day to have a hedge of protection placed around them. Plead the precious BLOOD of Jesus Christ over them and tell the enemy he can't have them! That they belong to Jesus and he has no authority over them. If possible, remove them from situations that are detrimental to them. Your prayers are powerful. Trust the Lord, he will lead you in what you should do. Be at peace, the enemy has already lost.