A Healing Herb: Fern Nash Tide

  • One morning I woke up with three words in my mind. "Fern Nash Tide". I had no idea what they meant. I Googled them and two references came up. Fern Nash, who was a retired music teacher and Nash Island, also known as Sheep Island. I wasn't sure what those two things had in common, so I tabled it for a few days. I did look up Nash Island and found out it's an island off the coast of Maine where sheep are raised. It's a flat island where they live year round without very much human interaction. Their diet consists of island grasses and seaweed. The result is beautiful, soft wool. They are sheared once a year and their wool is exquisite and much sought after.     

    This morning I asked the Lord what this meant and what He wanted me to do with it. As I was waiting before Him, I felt softness and comfort and warmth. I knew He is releasing a new form of music on the earth. It will be soft and warm and comforting. He's releasing it because of all we have been through. He wants to comfort us. This will be the kind of music you can lay back and rest in. It will encourage and strengthen us. It will heal the anxiety and stress we have had for so long. It will release peace in our soul. "Lay back My children and rest in Me."