A Healing Herb: The Go-kart

  • When our boys were about eight and six, my husband bought a used go-kart. It had two seats side by side. The second time they drove it, it was the younger one's turn to drive. They started out in our damp, leaf-covered backyard. At first everything went well, then all of a sudden they started spinning in a tight circle on the slick leaves. They were both screaming and leaves were flying. The older one was screaming because he was scared. The younger one was screaming for his brother to get his foot off of the gas. The adults were screaming instructions from the sidelines. It was utter chaos! Around and around in a circle they went as fast as the go-kart could go. Finally their father stepped into the melee and saved them. Do you feel like your go-kart is spinning out of control? Have you screamed for your Heavenly Father's help? He's just waiting to step into your chaos and save you.