A Healing Herb: Wet Wood

  • Many years ago, when our children were young, we went camping. We had a camper so weather wasn't such a factor. If it rained, we stayed inside and played games. We had about twenty four hours of pretty heavy rain. I was so looking forward to having a fire, when the rain stopped. One of my favorite things was to set by the fire very early in the morning, while everyone else was still asleep, and have my quiet time. I loved sitting underneath the awning and talking to the Father or observing nature. When I got outside that morning, I realized that all of the firewood was wet. We had forgotten to cover it with the tarp. I thought it would be OK, because I had a bottle and a half of charcoal starter. I piled the wood up for the fire. I put a lot of starter on the wood, until it was soaked. Then I tried to start it. It flamed up pretty high, but as soon as the starter burned up, the flame stopped. I tried putting newspaper underneath the wood. The same thing happened. It looked like it was going to catch, but only burned the paper then went out. After thirty minutes of trying I finally gave up. I was sitting quietly under the awning and I remembered reading something about keeping your wood dry. The author was talking about why sometimes there is not a move of the Holy Spirit or there is a brief flare up then it goes out. He said that the Holy Spirit would come and burn all of the dry wood, but would go out when He came to the wet wood that refused to burn. Is your wood wet or dry? After having the experience of trying to light wet wood, I decided to keep my wood dry no matter what it takes. If you want to have dry wood, ask Father what He wants you to do. He is faithful to instruct us.