A Healing Herb: Making Bait

  • When I was a young girl, I was in Girl Scout Brownies. It was for girls who were too young for Girl Scouts. They are Second-Third Grade students. One of the things it says on their official website is that, "As a Brownie, she will leave her comfort zone." Boy, is that ever true! At one of my meetings, we decided to make a fly for fly fishing. My mother bought all of the supplies mentioned in the manual. She laid them out on the table. I couldn't see how a fish hook, a feather, and fishing line could end up looking like a fly. Where was it going to get the legs and the eyes? Needless to say, I didn't realize it didn't have to look exactly like a fly to fool the fish. What I did understand is the better you made the bait the more fish you could catch. I think we can apply that today to catching men. The better your bait the more you will catch. What kind of bait attracts people? A pleasant person with a smile on their face is much more appealing than a person with a frown and a don't bother me look on their face. A kind smile and a willingness to stop and talk are attractive to most people. Do you smile at the people you pass in the store or on the street? I can't count how many people have stopped and talked to me in stores. Many of them have told me their whole life stories. We all have a choice to make. I Choose to be approachable.