“RADICAL CHANGE” 2020 Prophetic Word #7, April15

  • Today I am praying for churches and their leaders. I’m imagining the beautiful procession of the saints as they walk out of Egypt after 430 years of captivity! The SMELL of BITTER SLAVERY replaced by the sweet fragrance of Christ. What does it look like when millions of captives are set free? Surprise, awe, joy? What is it going to be like when we go back to our churches? Everything is different… a NEW DECADE. Are you ready for RADICAL CHANGE?


    I hear the Lord say, “Lay down, I want to show you something.” So I get Rich, and we lie down on the bed to listen to the Lord. God shows me an ARMY of SAINTS, dressed in metal armor. They are holding round shields. In unison they beat the front of their chests with their fists. I hear God say, “FOLLOW the ones with the HEARTBEAT of HEAVEN!”

    Next we are in a church. A beautiful, flowing, red velvet material comes RUSHING INTO the church. It was as if we got the rug pulled out from under us! EVERYONE was ON THE FLOOR. The velvety material was moving very quickly. It went through the church, and down the aisle. Next we were sprawled out on the floor, below a stage or platform.

    We were on our faces WEEPING. Suddenly, a giant being, like an ANGEL dressed in armor, lands feet first, on the stage in front of us. The STAGE COLLAPSES from the weight of his presence. (old platform crushed)

    We SHAKE, as his thunderous voice demands, “WHO WILL YOU GIVE YOUR ALLEGIANCE TO!?” (God or Man) With our FACES still pressed to the FLOOR, we quickly remove our CROWNS and lay them down, (gifts/abilities) on the red velvet material.


    My eyes are LOOKING around for leadership, but none were qualified. None of us could lift our heads up from the floor. Then, there were little CHILDREN coming up the center aisle… They began to LAY HANDS on our heads and pray for us.

    Oh! I realized, it’s the CHILDREN that will LEAD us. God is saying that it’s the CHILDREN that ARE QUALIFIED! They will SHOW US how we should RESPOND to the PRESENCE of GOD. Children characterized by purity and wonderment, leaping and jumping with ECSTATIC JOY. – This is the correct response!

    I sense this MOVE OF GOD will be very difficult for the PRIDEFUL to receive. REND our HEARTS, Lord, Help us get ready! Do you remember what it was like when you first got saved? We were humble, wild and free! Saints, we are in our homes, having a TIME OUT, so that we can REALIGN and RESET with the WAYS of GOD!

    “FULL CIRCLE BACK to the BEGINNING.” That’s what God has been saying to me for over a year. So many things in my life, this year, have been brought around back to the beginning.  A Foreshadowing of what was to come. So what does that look like for the body of Christ? It looks lot like the BOOK of ACTS. – When God laid down the BLUEPRINTS for HIS CHURCH. What happened to His blueprints? I can hardly see them under the bleeding ink of the plans of man. 

    WHO are THE FREED? Yesterday they stuck needles in their arms, and today they set captives free. Yesterday they worshipped other God’s, and today they call JESUS LORD! Yesterday they stole your car, and today Jesus gave them the KEYS to the kingdom!

    Church, have we learned to stop PUNISHING sinners yet? or do we need another TIME OUT? Jesus, help us to stop REACTING to peoples sin and being AFRAID. Renew our minds, open our hearts, make ready our homes… because the harvest is here… and they ARE coming… just as they are! Church, quit partnering with that spirit of religion! Put on love... pure and holy... without judgment, punishment, or fear.  

    God also spoke to my husband, Rich, through a similar vision. Rich saw that some people on the floor were trying to get up, even though the RIGHT RESPONSE was to lay on the floor. Exodus 12:26 – He (God) struck the Egyptians (enemy)… delivered our households, … So the people BOWED their HEADS and WORSHIPPED. (the right response)


    Don’t get me wrong – everyone loves a great donut! But the BREAD that is COMING is oh, so much sweeter!

    The people in Rich’s vision, looked like circles and lines. – like when you are starting to draw a SKETCH. These stick people, represent structures in our churches. Rich heard the words “ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE ROBOTS” Robots are pre-programmed. God is realigning and reseting the way we think.

    Circles and lines create algorithms. These algorithms represent cycles, formulas, guidelines, and programs, that we have relied on in the past to help us build effective ministries.

    I have enjoyed and been a part of many of these ideas, but these formulas from yesterday will not help us in the days to come. A GREAT MOVE of Gods SPIRIT is coming! Jesus is doing something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!

    Isaiah 43:19 – BEHOLD I am doing a NEW THING; NOW it SPRINGS UP! Do you not perceive it? 

    God is PREPARING our HEARTS to SEE and HEAR some TOUGH THINGS. Are we starting to get the picture of what He is about to DO in the EXODUS SEASON? Are we READY to MOVE when JESUS calls us into ACTION?


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