“SING LIKE A CANARY” 2020 Prophetic Word #8, April 16

  • I just heard God say these words to me; “If I’m gonna be LOCKED UP in a CAGE, I’m gonna SING like a CANARY!”  My initial thought, was that He was being funny and playful with me. ha ha ha, I thought, that sounds just like me… always joyful and worshiping God.


    But then… I looked up the definition of that phrase; If someone sings like a canary, they tell everything they know about a crime or wrong doing to the police or authorities. These singing canaries are also GUILTY of the CRIME! …

    My happy go lucky demeanor slips off my face… Ohhh… I’m weeping now… This is part of the reason we are all locked up in our houses, being DISCIPLINED by the Father. While we have been going about our happy little lives, joyfully singing and worshiping God, we haven’t always paid attention to the things on PAPA’S HEART! … The babies… the kids… The innocents. Oh no. Lord! yes I AM GUILTY! … If you feel led, repent with me and ask God for fresh fire in our hearts.

    Matthew 24:12 – (TPT) There will be such an increase of sin and lawlessness that those whose hearts once burned with passion for God and others will grow COLD. Please Lord, let not my heart grow cold!

    The world has become DESENSITIZED. April 16, 2020 – Today a friend inspired me to press in to the word that Holy Spirit spoke to me yesterday; “If I’m gonna be locked up in a cage, I’m gonna sing like a canary!” I know there are layers of meaning in the prophetic, so I asked the Lord to SHOW me MORE…and He has.


    There IS another group of prisoners, being set free in the Exodus…CRIMINALS. I saw Jesus in a prison MAIL ROOM. He was sifting through the mail, collecting letters from the saints. He then used His thumb to release a red seal – the SEAL of SALVATION.

    I saw prisoners giving their hearts to Jesus after reading these letters. They are going to start to sing a NEW SONG!  If you have a loved one in jail, I want to encourage you to write to them and SHARE your FAITH! Write it with RED ink, and appropriate His blood. The anointing of God will be in the ink and on your words. I also perceive that in the prisons, (cages) there are some birds, that show NO repentance. I pray that some of these canaries will rat on their co-conspirators, in hopes of cutting themselves a deal. Let’s pray over prisons and prisoners.

    Heres an interesting fact; Coal miners DEPEND ON canaries in cages, to give ADVANCE WARNINGS of dangerous gases such as carbon monoxide, – a poison that effects OXYGEN. The birds and cages are carried into the mines to detect toxins and save lives… Wow, thats something to ponder! (toxins that effect oxygen = Covid)


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