New Life

    Some students asked their teacher to tell them of an experience of his
    with inquirers. The teacher began, 'I once met a slave. Though his
    slavery was inward, it was just as binding as if he wore actual chains.
    When I casually mentioned his plight he reacted as all slaves react.
    His response was a combination of disbelief, scorn, bewilderment and
    rejection. Had he been receptive, I could have helped him, for awareness
    of slavery must precede freedom.'
    The teacher continued, 'What awareness could have helped him? I could
    have told him he was the slave of everyone he needed to impress, of
    everyone he feared, of those he depended upon for psychological
    security. He could have seen his enslavement to shame over past follies,
    and could have understood how shame prevents understanding and freedom.'
    The test of a man's teachability is to tell him about his chains and
    watch how he takes it."
                                Inspire Yourself, Chap. 11, p. 147