Doctrinal Dilemmas? Part 1



    If there is any subject that turns otherwise peace-loving Brethren into snarling fighting-mad combatants,it is the subject pf doctrine. It seems political correctness and sensitivity training go out the window where doctrinal issues arise. Why is this? Should we even discuss doctrinal issues? What did Messiah and Paul think about doctrine? You might be surprised.


    There is one subject most of those that follow the Messiah shy away from. Most hesitate to even discuss it. In fact,in many circules, it is a “taboo” subject. “Don't talk about doctrine” many protest, “because it will upset and divide people! Mercy! You'll get into arguments and offend someone! Tell us s-m-o-o-t-h things! Prophesy deceits: (Isa 30:10). Preach love. Preach Messiah and Him impaled-but don't talk doctrine.


    Oh, really? Let's break the cycle. Let's take the dare. Let's talk about doctrine. OK?


    Doctrine has become a controversial word these days. Comparatively few of the Brethren wish to discuss the dreaded topic of doctrine. It may not be “politically correct” Perhaps it is because so many are unsure of themselves. Many who do not even know the Scriptures are unwilling to look into them to see what Scripture really says.


    The word “doctrine” is not something to be feared or avoided. Doctrine simply means a “teaching” or that which is taught by a religious or political party.


    The word comes from the Latin doctrina meaning a codification of beliefs or a body of teachings, especially when used in a religious sense. We derive our word “doctor” from this word. The Greek word didache is translated “doctrine” 51 times and “doctrines” five times in the KJV.


    It is unfortunate that doctrine has been made out to be “the bsd guy” in many Religious circles today. A sure way to cloud true doctrine is to bury it in false doctrine. Some view the word “doctrine” as almost a “curse” word. “Doctrine divides,” they parrot. “Don't go into a doctrinal discussion, or you'll get into an argument.” It would be difficult, indeed, to get them to sit down at a table with open Scriptures and discuss various teachings of the Scriptures. People by nature, do not want to change-they want to believe what they want to believe. To Be Cont.