• "Weary and scared people have a wrong way of handling their anxiety. And as
    you listen to this talk, I want you to put yourself into it. I want you to
    know that when we talk about either truth or falsehood, you must know that
    we're talking about your bit of truth or falsehood.
    Weary people have the wrong way of combating their tiredness. And the
    overall major escape - false escape - that people have is to think about
    and even wearily try to plan a place of secret safety, and I'll give you a
    few of them. And as I just said, this talk is for you, therefore you must
    bring yourself personally into it. For example, everyone wants a little
    nice secluded cabin out in the wilderness and to let the rest of the world go
    by. You want to feel safe from what you know is an attacking world,
    everybody wanting something from you. And you want life to be like the
    movies. That's why, part of the reason you watch movies is because you
    think, 'Oh, wouldn't it be nice if I could be the hero or heroine, and oh,
    maybe have some tough times but I manage to overcome them, and then I live
    happily ever after.'
    So people, including you, people go from one crumbling castle to the next
    one, and it crumbles. And here you are now in this room looking for the
    next castle of your own creation, and it is my duty and pleasure to tell
    you that it's going to collapse also. There's a better way. There is
    another start for you by which you can break the wearisome pattern of
    looking for safety, of wanting to be protected from the world and protected
    from yourself. There is a way to smash entirely the weary trip. You're
    going to hear about it this morning, and you're going to, all of you, will
    make a decision as to whether you want to continue to live in dreamland
    made out of your own insecurities, and which will only deliver more
    insecurities. You can continue to dwell in that or you can put them out of
    your mind and life and experience altogether."
        from a talk given 3/20/1988
      V H's Higher World - MP3 CD Volume 18, talk 457, track 25