"What a very curious situation then that we make all these efforts to try
    to calm down the inner ache and it hasn't succeeded, has it? All we do is
    work hard, work desperately at the wrong thing and go to bed every single
    night just as worried, just as helpless as we did the night before. The
    whole situation that I've talked about up until now can be investigated, it
    can be understood, and it can be changed. This means you, whoever you
    are, man, woman, young person, older person, listening to what we are
    saying tonight.
    You can begin to enter a different kind of a world than the one you now
    occupy, which is not a happy world at all and nobody knows it better than
    you. You're the one living in that world, and you're the one who's
    suffering from it and I'm here tonight, today to tell you that you can
    change. And here's where we're going to start. If being a carpenter or a
    successful man about town or being a successful parent or whatever, if
    these labels do not do anything for us, then what will? We'll find out
    right now.
    Find out by discovering that there are two kinds of selves and the first
    one I'm going to describe you know all about it because it is your present
    life. One self which the vast majority of human beings live in - you can
    call it the outlaw self. The outlaw self - now why do we call it that?
    Simply because the human being living this kind of life is outside the
    spiritual laws that he could live under. He's outside the calm and the
    understanding and the poise that could be his if he would cease to be an
        Conquer Tension and Worry
          DVD # 12, talk 4  Blu-ray # 5, talk 4