•            SECRETS OF LIFE 9-10-23
    "Suppose you are interested in a book telling all about rare and exotic fruits. In its pages you discover interesting facts about the papaya,
    mango, guava. Furthermore, suppose you want to know how to grow these fruits for your own pleasure and sense of accomplishment. But you realize that you must first learn a few things about these fruits - where to obtain plants, how to cultivate them and so on. So every time you run across a problem in the book, you write a question mark opposite it. Perhaps after your first reading of the book you have around fifty question marks.
    You continue to study your book about rare fruits. Your understanding grows. As it does, you erase a question mark, one here and one there. By understanding what you need to understand, you erase the problem from both the page and your mind. Finally, you have no more questions. You are in command of the subject. What you formerly thought about, you now know.
    That is what you are doing with this book. You are bringing up questions about the wonderful new life and then finding the answers. You are learning to bring forth rare fruitage in every area of your life, whether personal, social, domestic or financial."
                    Mind-Pictography, Chap. 15, p. 272 (Original version)
                                        Chap. 15, p. 240 (Current version)