•    SECRETS OF LIFE 9-11-23
    "When you are able to _see_ that you don't need pain, that is the same as seeing that an impostor has invaded your life, taken it over, and is leading its life through you, so that you don't have your real life yet. And you will understand that the impostor life is nothing but suffering, nothing but repeated hauntings and attacks, one after another. Having understood this, you will be able to boldly, bravely separate yourself from the attack, because it is now clear to you that the attack was wrongly enjoyed. The pleasure doesn't go to you, but has been falling upon your belief that you are the impostor. And now, understanding that you are in reality not the impostor, you divert the pain."
                      Live in the Bright Light
            Your Power of Natural Knowing, Chap. 9, p. 73 (Original version)
                                            Chap. 9, p. 65 (Current version)