•   SECRETS OF LIFE 9-12-23
    "Human beings are born into this world helpless. Parents take care of them
    for a long time - show them how to, teach them how to walk, how to dress
    themselves. And the child grows up from two feet tall to three feet and on
    up. The child matures physically. His mind expands.
    He begins to see the world, and he gets his first shocks at the kind of
    world he's in. When he was two years old, he was with his father down in a
    grocery store. And outside as he went in, a couple were quarreling. That
    registered on that little child's mind.
    The child grows up. He's eighteen, twenty and thirty and on. But in the
    sparrow's case, it was natural for him to grow from a little infant sparrow
    to an adult sparrow, and on his own. In a human being, the same rule
    applies only to the physical and to the mental.
    Few human beings ever have the kind of experience that will change them
    from a mental human being to a spiritual one.
    A sparrow has no choice at all in what happens to him. A sparrow has no
    self-awareness. He can't be conscious of himself as a sparrow. He doesn't
    know the difference between him being a sparrow and a horse or a cow.
    Human beings are different. Human beings are given the power to agree to
    continue to grow in an unusual direction for an unusual, marvelous reward.
    And mark that phrase well."
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